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7 Easy Ways to Make a Room Feel Bigger and More Spacious

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Make a Room Feel Bigger and More Spacious

Do you have a room in your home that feels a little too small? If so, it’s probably lessening your enjoyment of that room. To get rid of that feeling, you have two basic options. You could literally make the room bigger, but this is often impractical. The other option is to make some adjustments to the interior of the room that can make it feel bigger, while still remaining the same size. Here are a few ways you can pursue that second option:

1. Add More Light

add more lights The first thing you should look to do is add more light. The more light you have in your room, the bigger it will feel. When adding in light, you should try to add lamps all around the room, rather than one overhead light. Your goal should be to disperse the light as evenly as possible all across the room. You should also consider switching to a brighter lightbulb, or replacing your blinds with a lighter material to allow more light in through your windows.

2. Add Mirrors

The next trick you can try is adding in some mirrors. Doing this accomplishes two things. The first is that it makes the space look bigger, by reflecting the area around it. The other thing it does is reflect your light better, making the room a little brighter. If you have some empty wall space, consider adding in a very large mirror. If not, a few smaller mirrors around the room may also do the trick.

3. Smaller Furniture Pieces

Smaller Furniture PiecesPerhaps the reason your room feels small or cramped is that the furniture you are using is too large. The solution would, therefore, be to start using some small pieces. This may not work in every situation – for example, you may not be able to use a smaller bed. But if you can swap out things like couches, dressers, tables, and desks for something smaller, it would go a long way towards giving you some more space in your room.

4. Go Vertical

One common reason that rooms feel small is that we don’t make use of vertical space. To make the room feel bigger, you’ll want to stretch things out vertically. One small trick you can use to do this is to move your curtains closer to your ceiling. Interior designers commonly hang curtains an inch or two below the ceiling to give the room a sense of more height.

Another trick is to opt for more vertical furniture. If you have a wide bookcase, for example, get a taller but narrower one instead. You could then likely store the same amount of books, but you wouldn’t take up as much floor space.

5. Organize Your Room

Organize-Your-RoomTake a look around your room – is the reason it feels small because there is simply too much stuff in there? If so, it’s time to organize it. Go through everything and sort it into what you want to keep and what you can get rid of. For the latter pile, either move the items to another room where you have more space, sell it, donate it, or just throw it away. Then grab yourself some organizing supplies like storage containers or shelves and put away the rest of your stuff in an orderly manner. Once you have the room all organized, you’ll be amazed at how much bigger it feels.

6. Go with Larger Art

It may sound contradictory, but to make your room feel bigger, consider hanging up some larger pieces of art. Big art pieces on your wall have a way of stretching out a room and drawing the eye away from the more cramped corners of your room. You can find plenty of canvas prints online to hang up, or you can even print out your own photos. Another option is to head to a local artists’ sale and find something that matches your décor there.

7. Use Rugs to Define a Space

Use Rugs to Define a SpaceFinally, consider adding some rugs into your room if you have hardwood floors. Rugs help to define a space and make it seem like there are separate areas even in a tiny space. Some good places to add a rug include under your coffee table or under your bed. You won’t want to carpet the entire room, but a simple area rug can quickly change up a room and help it feel a little bigger.

Simple Changes Go a Long Way

Each one of the items above may not make your room feel drastically different. But if you can combine a few of the strategies, the combined effect may give you the bigger feeling you’re looking for. Think about which strategies would work best for your space, then start adding in them in. Once you do, you’ll love how your room feels and enjoy it more.

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