Pedal powered Brosmind RV is a unique art piece for interior spaces

Brosmind RV photo

Brosmind is a design studio based in Barcelona founded by the Mingarro brothers (Juan and Alejandro Mingarro) in 2006. Mingarro brothers have worked for big names like Nike, Microsoft, Gillette, Honda and Land Rover. One of their amazing works is the Brosmind RV, an art car covered with nice illustrations and powered by pedals. Alejandro Mingarro told us that the Brosmind RV is a unique art-piece that was created for a collective exhibition in Barcelona. The structure consists in a wooden frame, and the outside is covered with regular frames filled with color papers.

The illustrations are done directly over the glass with a permanent marker. It was intended to be driven inside an interior space and works with pedals like a fixed bike (no brakes). Even if you don’t want to drive it, you can park it right inside your big living room to impress your guests. The Brosmind RV sells for €7,000 ($9,150) plus shipping.

Brosmind RV by Mingarro brothers

Brosmind RV

Brosmind RV art car

Brosmind RV car

All images used with permission from Mingarro brothers

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