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5 Smart Hacks to Renovate a Small Apartment

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Renovate a Small Apartment

Living in an apartment brings its own set of challenges. There isn’t a lot of open space, and you don’t have much greenery around. It’s often hard to adjust to an apartment when you lived in houses with gardens, patios, and lofts. It becomes a bit more complicated when you are living in a small apartment. You can feel claustrophobic, immobile, and even depressed because of your surroundings. If a small apartment is all you can afford at the moment, perhaps you can consider reorganizing the space or redecorating.

Doing so will give the illusion that your apartment is more spacious by merely rearranging your belongings in your apartment. However, these artificial solutions don’t always work for everyone. Sometimes you need to look at a whole renovation to give you additional space and make your apartment more spacious.
Here is a list of smart hacks to consider when renovating a small apartment.

1. Use storage facilities

home renovation  is in progressIf you live in Louisiana, you would know how hot it can be in the summers. The humidity has a way of sapping your strength more than you ever anticipated. Not only during the renovation but in general, it would be a good idea to remove some of the temporarily redundant stuff in your house to add more space. An open area would help cool the place down, and you wouldn’t feel so claustrophobic in the summer humidity.

When renovating the place, consider renting a storage unit to put your extra stuff away. A storage facility will get things out of the way when the contractors come in and make things a lot easier when working around the house.

2. Find ideas online

To communicate your ideas to the contractors efficiently, you should be showing them what you have in mind. Consider printing out some pages of pictures you have seen online. Let them keep the pages as it can give them a sample to refer back to whenever they need to.
Moreover, when it’s something like renovation, it’s often difficult to put into words precisely what you want. It is common that the picture is better than a thousand words, which is never more accurate while renovating your apartment. If you can, consider sending them some videos which you have taken inspiration from online as well.

3. Use a checklist

crossing things off from a checklistConsider crossing things off from a checklist when it comes to packing up the rooms which need renovation. If you cross-check things that need to be packed and shifted, you will notice that settling back in after the renovation will be a lot easier.
Moreover, consider a home renovation checklist about all the things you have to talk to the contractor about. You would have some questions and surely you are going to have a couple of recommendations of your own. Consider writing them down and crossing them out once you have talked to the contractor about them.

4. Read up on Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese Pseudoscience that claims to arrange your living quarters efficiently. The principle of Feng Shui believes that there are energies all around us, especially in our living spaces, which can change the way we live our lives. Bad energy can cause irritations in our lives, and good energy can make a living in your apartment more comfortable.
Consider checking out what the ancient Chinese had to say about the theory of Feng Shui. If nothing else, it will provide you idea about how to decorate your space better and use space more efficiently.

5. Compartmentalize and store efficiently

couple bought cabinet with huge storageEven if you are renovating the place, you will not change the apartment’s square footage. It’s still going to be small.
Therefore, if storage is still an issue, consider adding shelves, drawers, and compartments to your living quarters to help store things better and create space in the apartment. Closets and cabinets can also significantly help you keep things more efficiently, and they add to an overall more comfortable living environment.


Owning a small apartment has a charm of its own. Fancy penthouses, which we see around us, can never match the coziness which a little apartment can give us. Enjoy living in this small space and do anything you want. Renovations can be a great way to efficiently utilize the area and make for a more comfortable living arrangement.

Consider some of the hacks which we have recommended. If some don’t resonate well with you, consider some of the others we mentioned. It’s important to remember that these hacks could significantly change the quality of life in your little apartment when used together as opposed to in isolation.

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