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How to Get More Instagram Followers on Your Home Décor Page

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Get More Instagram Followers on Your Home Décor Page

Your home decor page should reflect your taste and style. If you are an interior decorator, then you definitely should upload your latest projects on Instagram. To stand out among the rest and increase your following, here are some tips for you.

1. Post relevant content

GetInsta app

Think carefully and post content which is relevant to your purpose. If you want to establish yourself as a home decor expert, then you should opt for apps such as GetInsta to get free Instagram followers.

GetInsta is an app which can be downloaded on your phone or desktop. Using this app, you can get 100% free followers and likes and boost your visibility. The likes and followers are real and authentic, so that you can build up your following organically faster than you would have done.

It is quite simple to use – all you have to do is sign up and login with your email id. You can use GetInsta with numerous ids and in the language you prefer, as it supports 16 languages. This makes it possible to reach out to potential customers and admirers all around the world. Your home decor page can have different versions in different languages.

So, how does GetInsta work? As we mentioned before, all you have to do is sign up and login. You would immediately get coins using which you can buy likes and followers. Performing tasks the app suggests can help you earn more coins, which in turn can buy more likes and followers. In a short span of time, by using GetInsta consistently, you can increase your follower base.

The app is completely safe – no worries about viruses or hacking into your accounts.

GetInsta has a paid option too, but you can keep using the free version for an unlimited period of time. Try the 1000 free Instagram followers trial to get a 1000 followers for free organically. 

2. Choose the right decor items

Your home is your haven and the place where you can click photos to showcase your interior design skills. Invest in some good quality decor items and furniture which look good on camera. It could be a mix of modern and traditional, or many hues or montones – so that you can create the effect you want for the chosen theme of the day.

Always keep in mind what you already have at home, to create a coordinated effect or go for a contrast effect. The interest of your followers will be piqued and you will have a more engaged following which will share your posts, if you post original ideas, transforming the same space over and over again. 

3. Emphasize your own style


Your followers need to know what you stand for. Don’t go in for a trend if you do not feel it’s not you. It is important for your clients and fans to know your style preferences are, and your forte. Though it could be a good idea to challenge yourself and attempt something completely unlike you, to show that you can tweak any kind of interior style. 

4. Light, color and photo quality

After you remove the clutter from the background, you have to pay attention to the light and color play. Photos clicked in bright sunlight create a cheerful mood, and those in less light or night light add an air of sophistication to your photos.

White and pastel colored walls give a lovely neutral background, and it is easier to create striking contrasts. Oranges and yellows are generally avoided.

5. Use lots of hashtags

 How-does-GetInsta-workFollow similar Instagram accounts and check the trending photos or themes. Use similar hashtags along with some of your own, as Instagram allows around 30 hashtags on every post. Every hashtag allows you to be found by people looking for your kind of posts.

With free Instagram likes, your account will be transformed into a high quality account. When you understand how to use hashtags and playing hashtag challenges, you can soon become an influencer.

Engage with your fans, post consistently and comment on other’s posts too. Instagram is about interacting and when you do this often, you can build a huge following. Using genuine apps such as GetInsta would also help to reach your goals in a short time.

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