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6 Unique Wall Features to Add Drama to Your Interior

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Whether we admit it or not, life always needs a bit of thrill. It helps in keeping our journey fun and exciting and is a reprieve from the daily monotony. The best way for you to bring some extra flair into your home is with your home décor. The minimalist design may be all the rage these days. Still, no one can deny the charm and excitement that comes with a dramatic, striking interior.

However, it’s essential to choose where you place this focal point. An oft-overlooked area in our homes is the walls. Wall features are the best way to add some drama, as it can be eye-catching yet understated. If you’re confused about how to bring some magic back into your home, keep reading below the six unique wall features your home needs.


PERSONALIZED MAPPING IDEASInterior décor is all about adding a personal touch to your home, so it acts as a reflection of who you are. A personalized map is an amazingly thoughtful way of brightening up your walls with something special. Whether it’s the city where you found love, went to college, or the town you grew up in, each one is a place that meant a great deal to you. A map poster is a way for you to immortalize your attachment to that city by creating a completely personalized, framed map. The map can be a stunning homage to whichever city you pick and becomes an interesting conversation piece when guests come over.


Wall hangings are one of the easiest ways you can bring an element of theatre into your home without letting your installation take up too much space. You can add extra dimension and flair to sculptural wall hangings by adding backlights. Furthermore, when picking your wall hangings, you can go as bright as you like. Venetian masks are an undoubtedly dramatic addition to any space and can add a historical element to your room too. Dramatic wall décor is all about adding depth to your area, so be sure to pick your pieces well-informed. Consider adding tapestries for a textural, organic look that can draw the eye as soon as one enters the room.


COUPLE-PAINTING-THE-HUMDRUM-WALLSAdding drama to your interior is all about experimentation. So, treat your walls as your canvas, pick up the paintbrush, and get to work. Some of the most stunning wall décor pieces are paint jobs done incredibly well. For a theatrical installation, forget adding myriad different paintings to the room. Instead, paint directly on the walls. Abstract pieces such as line drawings can extend up to the ceiling and draw the eye while remaining muted at the same time. You can create a genuinely custom-made and personalized piece and create a space that’s unique with this idea.


Lighting is the best way to add depth to any room, and it can also help add a touch of drama. Lighting always received immense importance in setting ambiance. In theatres, illumination assists in the storytelling process, and you can use it similarly. It can highlight the parts of your wall that have some decoration hanging. Using your lighting well can help you create a truly dynamic interior.

However, playing around with lights and shadows to create a dramatic atmosphere isn’t all you can do. You can experiment with your lighting fixtures to add personality to your walls. Sculptural scones are an easy way for you to add an extra layer of dimension to your space. Scone designs are so versatile these days that you can find pieces that double up as wall hangings and lighting fixtures.


ANTIQUE-MIRRORMirrors are some of the best ways to open up space. Mirrors can help you alter how your guests perceive your space, making them some of the best dramatic additions. Antique mirrors placed strategically can help you add some old-world flair to your house in the best way. Pairing antique mirrors with décor that’s otherwise modern is an excellent way for you to break the monotony and add some extra drama.


Gallery walls are a tried and tested way of brightening up your walls. However, when picking pieces for your gallery wall, throw out all the rules. The best way to curate a theatrical gallery wall is to play with colors, textures, sizes, and arrangements. Pick out large art pieces that contrast with each other, and play around with some color blocking. Furthermore, you can pick different frame textures and arrange them in a complementary style. Pick a central theme, and add experimental pieces that can capture the eye. You can utilize the concepts of color psychology to evoke certain feelings whenever someone walks into the room.


Your home speaks volumes about who you are, so it’s essential to put in a great deal of thought when designing your space. Adding a layer of drama to your home can help keep things interesting. Still, it can also help add a touch of personality that’s essential. Overall, these six ideas can help you bring some vitality into your space.

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