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Why You Should Buy a Commercial Lawn Mower

by Dr Prem Community Writer
You Should Buy a Commercial Lawn Mower

When it comes to lawn mowers, you should consider buying a commercial one. There are many reasons why you should pick a commercial lawn mower, with the top ones being:

High Quality

Commercial Lawn MowerOne of the best things about commercial grade lawn mowers is they’re of high quality. These types of lawn mowers are designed for heavy duty use, which means you can use it frequently and not have to worry about it breaking down on you anytime soon. Not only that, but the engines are well-built and so is the overall construction of the mowers. When compared to residential lawn mowers, their horsepower tends to be higher too.

Since they are built to last, and so are their engines, commercial lawn mowers are perfect to use on large lawns, fields, golf courses and more. If you have terrain that has tall grass, weeds or if it’s just rough in general, then you’ll love using a commercial lawn mower because it’ll make mowing a whole lot easier.


Another reason you should pick a commercial lawn mower is because they’re capable of running for much longer periods of times than the majority of residential lawn mowers on the market. As previously mentioned, commercial lawn mowers can be used regularly, even on a daily basis and for hours on end. Furthermore, they are typically excellent on gas, which means you won’t be spending a lot of money to keep a commercial lawn mower filled up.

Generally speaking, if you get a high quality commercial lawn mower, then you can expect it to be capable of running anywhere from a couple of hours straight to 12 hours straight.


Commercial lawn mower featuresCommercial lawn mowers are packed with great features that your average residential lawn mower don’t have, such as:

Large Grass Collection Systems- Lawn mowers designed for commercial use feature large and complex grass collection systems. They are capable of collecting much more grass than your traditional lawn mowers.

Standing Platform- This is a useful feature, but not all commercial mowers have it. The ones that do allow you to stand-up on a small to medium-sized deck that is attached to the mower. You don’t have to walk on the grass as you cut it. Plus, it means being able to cut grass much quicker because you’ll be mowing at the speed the mower is going, and not at the speed you’re walking.

Climate Control Cabs- Some mowers have a climate control cab. This means you’re able to use it all-year round, even during cold winter months. Mowers with this feature tend to have a heating and cooling system to keep you cool/warm while you’re mowing.

Powerful Blades- The blades on the mowers are extremely sharp and durable. It doesn’t matter what kind of grass you’re cutting or the type of terrain you’re using it on, a commercial mower will get the job done.

Mulching Systems- Another popular feature that a commercial mower typically has is a mulching system. As it cuts grass, it will turn it into mulch. Bear in mind that not all mowers have a mulching system, but at least you know you have the option of getting one that does.

Those are a handful of features that many commercial lawn mowers have. Different mowers have different features. This is why it’s important to compare as many lawn mowers as possible before buying one.

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