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Tips for Making the Most Out of Your New York Studio Apartment

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Making the Most Out of Your New York Studio Apartment

Living in studio apartments in New York is a low-maintenance and affordable alternative to living in an apartment or house. Every square inch of space can be decorated and used to get the best returns on investment.

The ‘City of Skyscrapers’ is known for its fine range of microscopic apartments. However, these apartments have their own issues. For instance, where do you stock your clothes and belongings when there are no closets or dressers? With a few inches of counter space at your disposal, you will face problems keeping your pots, cans and pans neatly organized. With space being a constraint, how do you sleep comfortably in the smallest-sized bed?

It helps to know where to stash your extra stuff, take care of lighting, and create the much-needed sense of spaciousness. If you are planning to shift, or have already occupied a studio apartment in NY, then here are some expert tips to make the most of the area available to you.

1.Use the entryway

New York Studio Apartment entryway

The entryway to apartments in New York can provide for smart storage areas on their walls. They are usually cramped and do not have a place for any side table, bench, rack or hanger without creating a fire hazard. However, the walls in this area can be used for placing hooks for jackets, caps, umbrellas, keys, mail, shopping bags and other frequently used items. Floor-length mirrors can be placed on the walls, wherever possible, to create an illusion of more space.

2. Invest in a room divider

Does your NY studio apartment have a large-sized living area that can be split up with a divider? You may want to use one side as your dining area while the other can double up as your work-from-home office or sitting space. The divider can be used to store shoes, books or other utility items. If you require a separate room then a non-load-bearing or pseudo wall can do the trick. Alternatively, glass-paneled screens can provide for visual separation while allowing enough light to flow in. These days, it’s also common to find folding screens creating a sense of privacy and separateness in NY apartments. You may want to include the same in your interior design plans.

3. Color scheme counts

beautiful New York Studio ApartmentThe white, big and rectangular box you have as your studio apartment can be redefined to create an exquisite appeal. Adding different flooring colors in the sitting area can carve out ‘rooms’ without much ado. You may want to go for area rugs if redoing the floors is not an option.

4. Visualize and plan storage

Regardless of their size, the apartments in New York always pose storage constraints. This challenge can be handled by making the most of every furniture design that can fit in. Use every inch of storage capacity within side tables, the bedside bureau or in the cabinet under your bed. They can be used to store lesser-used items, winter clothes, sports gear and other utilities.

Living in a Studio Apartment New York

Living in a Studio Apartment New YorkCompact and easy-to-maintain, affordable and well-organized studio apartments in NY can make your daily living a breeze. Seek expert advice from those who deal with this genre of real estate in the city. With the best pro tips in their arsenal, they can help you make the most of your studio apartment. Reach out to make your daily living more comfortable and organized, today.

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