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Why Asphalt Shingles Make the Best Roofs

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Asphalt Shingles Make the Best Roofs

Most people don’t think about their roofs until the moment something goes wrong.  A storm hits, and their roof starts leaking, and they think about why they didn’t replace their roof sooner.  Although it’s better to get this done ahead of time, there are options if they had to wait.  The best option, above all else, is asphalt shingles.

These long-lasting and pleasing-looking shingles exist at lower prices and with better availability.  They’re the perfect roofing material that anyone should use: here’s why!

1. Durable

Asphalt is durableAsphalt is what you should go for if you live in an area that has to deal with both freezing temperatures and hot summers.  These shingles fight back against this and more, battling against windy and storm, and even sleet.  Although no weather is 100% predictable, and a freak storm might happen- most asphalt shingles are easy to repair or fix.

2. Insulating

Energy bills and electricity pricing has been skyrocketing lately.  Most people agree that they want a lower monthly bill, and yet there doesn’t seem to be anything in the works to make it affordable.  Instead of replacing all of your windows and doors, consider your roof.  A drafty roof will let in cold air and allow the heat to escape.  Asphalt shingles create a barrier that blocks out unwanted weather and helps you lower your electricity bills, eventually paying for themselves.

3. Long-Lasting

Long-Lasting asphalt-singlesAsphalt shingle roofs can last twenty years.  That’s double what some other types of roofing can survive, and they’ll look good while they do it as well.  These shingles will outlast twenty stormy weather seasons and twenty defrosts and freezes. Texturally these shingles are severe and can hold up against dangerous weather and natural hazards.

4. Less Expensive

Looking at roofing costs might have you Googling “Can you get a grant for a new roof?”  Fortunately, you can!  Even better, if you have some savings, you might not have to take out a loan at all.  Asphalt shingles can be more affordable than some other types of roofing, and yet it’s still pretty to look at.  Paying extra for better insulation can drive the price up higher, but the return of saving money in electricity might be worth it.

5. Colorful Options

Asphalt ShinglesIf you want to make your home’s aesthetic something unique and fresh or have a favorite color you’d love for your roof: asphalt shingles are the roofing material for you.  Not only can you get these shingles in different textures and looks, but you can also purchase them in dozens of different colors.  Although most homeowners associations have tight rules on what shade of roofing you can get, if you don’t have an HOA, you can do whatever you’d like!  This type of flexibility is hard to find elsewhere.

Asphalt shingles might not be what most people think of when considering updating their homes, but our roofs are vital to our happiness.  Not only can we customize them to make them reflect our personalities, but they also keep us warm and keep the storms out better.

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