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Top 5 Benefits of Having an Air Cooler at Home

by Dr Prem Community Writer
an Air Cooler at Home

Imagine that you are at home, resting in the comfort of your sofa while you watch your favorite series and enjoy a refreshing drink. Everything is going well until you start to feel overwhelmed by the intense heat that you feel. You move your position, you go for another drink, you change your clothes and none of this works.You feel that nothing can lower the intense temperatures, which has led you to think that you need to buy a cooling system for your home, so you have surely heard about coolers.But you do not know how they work and if they really are a good investment in the long term.

Characteristics of Crompton air cooler

Crompton air coolerAircoolers are portable and stationary evaporative devices. An Air cooler allows the room in which it is connected to be cooled thanks to a fan that cools the interior and reduces heat.Having an aircooler is a good decision to beat the heat. Aircoolers have some characteristics that make them unique devices to combat the cold –

  • The air coolers are small in size so they can be transported without problems.
  • These elements, besides cooling the rooms, help to clean and renew the air.
  • Air coolers provide fresh, natural air with minimal expense.
  • They use air and water for cooling. They do not use refrigerant gases.
  • Air coolers ensure that the rooms have an adequate level of humidity and temperature. 

Top 5 benefits of Air Cooler at Home 

air cooler1. Constant cooling at low voltage

Coolers offer a cooling system superior to a fan thanks to the constant renewal of air, through the evaporation of water. The cooling process of the air coolers cools the air through the evaporation of water that reduces the air temperature. The pump contained in this refrigerator device moves the water contained in a tank to its cellulose filters. A fan will take care of sucking the air through these filters as the last step.

2. Economic and eco-friendly

They have low energy consumption (Up to 85% less compared to an air conditioner).If you are one of those people who are concerned about using products that do minimal or very little damage to the environment, air coolers are more ecological because they use only water and not refrigerant gases as conventional air conditioners do.Water and air are the only elements with which the Air Coolers cool the environment.

3. They cause no allergic microorganisms

Unlike air conditioners, air coolers are of great help for those who have respiratory problems, who suffer from allergies or who have asthma.Some models, besides cooling the environment, offer extra functions such as ionizer, insect repellants or have an antibacterial cooling panel, to improve air quality.The devices that provide climate control for the environment have honeycomb air filters, so that harmful agents, such as germs and bacteria, are retained.

4. Low noise

Anyone who thinks that having an air cooler will increase the noise level is wrong. Today, there are already several equipment that are quite silent, which nevertheless are efficient. When it comes to noise, there are many of them that you don’t even notice they are on, but they continue to renew the air and keep the temperature pleasant. They are a long-term investment, as they are durable, and thanks to their low energy consumption, they help you save energy.

5. Portable and easy to clean

The air coolers are small in size so they can be transported without problems.Its installation is very simple. You can take it to the room you need, since it has wheels that make its transfer easy. It is perfect for small areas. It cools without using as much energy as a fixed air conditioner. They are ideal for spaces where a lot of heat is generated, such as kitchens. Its cost is lower than that of a conventional air conditioner. It has easy maintenance and easy clean technology. 


It may seem obvious, but a dirty filter in this type of device can cause the air outlet to become clogged and the efficiency of the equipment to decrease considerably. It is advisable to check and clean the filters at least once each season, as well as keep an eye on the internal containers where the device stores the condensation water to prevent mold growth.

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