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Greenamic TubePot desktop hydroponic gardening system

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Having fresh herbs and veggies from your very own garden sounds great, but it’s not easy for people living in compact urban apartments. We have earlier introduced you to some of the most amazing and functional indoor planters for urban apartments and today, we have the TubePot from the house of Greenamic. The TubePot desktop grow tube is an indoor planter that uses hydroponics technology to help homeowners grow fresh produce throughout the year. With the Greenamic TubePot, you need less space, less water, no soil and no pesticides.

Flaunting a stylish make, each TubePot has six Greenamic baskets, which can be detached separately. It uses sub-irrigation watering technique to deliver water to plant roots through capillary action from the bottom-up. The Water Level Indicator tells you if it’s time to refill it with water.

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Greenamic TubePot

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