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6 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle During the Summer Months

by Dr Prem Community Writer
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You’ve been putting off those all important but costly and time-consuming home projects all winter and early spring. But now that the warm/hot months have finally arrived, there’s no excuse not to tackle them.

A recent report on summer home improvement projects attests that the warmer months are the ideal time for outdoor work to commence. It’s because of this that many certified professional contractors get booked up quite early on. It’s important to anticipate ahead of time precisely what projects you absolutely must accomplish during the summer and call a pro before they’re too busy to help out.

That said, here6 home improvement projects you’ll want to tackle during the summer months:

1. Roof Replacement

Average Bid for Repair: $350-$1,500

Average Bid for Replacement: $5,400-$12,000

Many roof repairs and replacements are accomplished during the summer for obvious reasons, making it very difficult to find a reliable and/or certified professional. In fact, an entire industry dedicated to matching the right roofing quote with the right roofing professional for your job has sprouted up over recent years.

Saysthe roofing bid professionals at Roofbids4U.com, by collecting multiple roof estimates right on your smartphone from qualified contractors, homeowners desperate to have their roof repaired during the summer months no longer need rely on non-professional scammers who come knocking at their door.The digital bid service is said to come at no cost to you.

Also, if you’ve experienced storm damage to your roof, you can hire a roof inspector to examine it. Inspectors will catch potentially devastating problems early on. You can expect to pay around $200 for this service. However, in the long run, it’s worth every penny since an inspection might result in your not having to replace your entire roof.

2. Re-stain Your Fence and Deck

Average Bid: $550-$1,300

It’s important to keep your wood deck and fencing looking like new. By re-staining them, you protect them from all the elements. The experts will tell you to apply new stain every three years since this will lengthen the health and longevity of both deck and fence.

The proper stain will actually seal the wood and repel water damage while, at the same time, allowing the wood to breathe. You can also inspect the deck for loose railings, broken and/or decaying boards, extruding nails, and more.

3. Siding Repair or Replacement

Average Bid for Repair: $300-$1,300

Average Bid to Replace: $5,000-$16,000

Summer is the perfect season to take a walk around your home to see if the siding has loosened up and/or begun to decay in certain areas. If you repair your siding as quickly as possible it will prevent moisture from seeping in and turning the wood to mold.

If you find that your siding is in complete disrepair, it will have to replace in its entirety. Summer is the very best time to find a certified local professional who can do this.

4. Power Washing

Average Bid: $200-$400

Power washing is the perfect way to blast the accumulated grime, dirt, and mold from your home’s exterior surfaces including siding, fences, decks, driveways, and walkways. Don’t confuse power washing with pressure washing even though both use similar tools and equipment.

The former is a powerful yet gentler approach to cleaning exterior surfaces, while the latter is so powerful that if not done by a professional, it can result in damage to your property and possibly personal injury.

5. Driveway and Sidewalk Repair

Average Bid: $800-$2,600

As hard as they seem, asphalt, concrete, and cement surfaces, when left exposed to the elements, eventually break down, requiring repair. Smaller jobs can be handled on your own if you feel physically up to the challenge. But it’s imperative that you leave the big jobs like major cracks and divots up to the pros.

Unskilled sealant application will actually do more damage to your sidewalks and driveway, making it look worse than before. Also, a pro will thoroughly inspect your exterior surfaces for potential problems that are not yet visible to the untrained eye.

6. Ceiling Fan Installation

Average Bid: $100-$2,000 for both labor and fan

It wouldn’t be summer without lounging by the pool while bathed by the hotsun and with a cold beverage of your choice in hand. But once you get back indoors you’ll want to keep cool. Ceiling fans are a popular choice for keeping the air in your home circulating. For some people, ceiling fans are a healthier andgreener alternative to expensive and power wasting AC units.

But ceiling fans require an electrical hookup which means you should hire a certified professional for its installation. Even if your home already has central air, ceiling fans are an excellent money saving option for days when summer temps are more moderate.

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