Paintings, Mirrors & Curtains: How Should You Decorate Your Door

How Should You Decorate Your Door

When looking to make improvements to the bedroom in the form of art, there are a number of different ways in which this task can be accomplished in a variety of different ways.

The walls are typically one of the obvious parts of a room that will allow individuals to decorate in a variety of different ways, with people able to hang up portraits, change the wallpaper or paint them a different color, add feature walls or even add shelving units to them in order to create additional space that can feature sculptures and other art accessories and features that can instantly make the room appear more decorative and attractive.

However, one option that many may not think about when looking to decorate their bedroom is by utilizing the space that can be found on the back of the bedroom door. In fact, even the front of the door can be used as a blank canvas in which it can be used for artistic impression by individuals who are looking to bring the room to life.

Listed below are just some of the ways in which the door can be decorated to help add personality, flair and individual creativity to the bedroom.

1. Use paintings

painting for decoration

One such way in which a bedroom door can be decorated is to use paintings that are available to buy at an online art gallery, as these can be perfect to help bring a room to life and make it as vibrant as possible.

It could be argued that having a painting may look a little weird or out of place when on the back or front of a door, however it would also have to be considered rather unique and something that many may find quirky as it is something that is not always expected.

With bedroom doors typically found inside a property, there is no need to be concerned about the health of the artwork, as it is unlikely that it will suffer from any damage to the artwork from outside influences such as weather.

2. Mirrors

Perhaps one of the most common ways to decorate a bedroom door, especially from inside the room, is to place a mirror feature of some kind on the back of it.

The area is an excellent way of saving any space on the walls or for those who use a standing mirror, as they do not take up any additional space whilst also allowing for a full-length reflection to be provided when utilizing the whole area that the door provides.

Mirrors can come in all different shapes, sizes and forms, with individuals also able to get extremely creative with them, as they can find mirrors that are available as stickers instead of the heavy-duty pieces of reflective glass that can weigh a fair amount at times.

3. Curtains

opening Curtain

One of the simplest ways of decorating a bedroom door is to cover it up with a curtain going across the back. This design method is extremely popular for many, with there being a number of benefits to be provided when doing this.

For instance, the curtain being pulled across the back of the door can help to make the room seem more appealing as seeing the back of a door is not always an enjoyable visual experience, whilst it can also help to eliminate any possible draft that may creep in through the bottom where a gap can usually be found.

A curtain will also reduce the need for the door to actually be provided with a design or any artistic work, whilst remaining as attractive as possible to look at when it has been pulled across.

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