4 Reasons to Put Hand Sanitisers in Your Purse or Car

Put Hand Sanitisers in Your Purse or Car

You may not think about it often, but the average person will shake hands with nearly 60 people in a single day. That is a lot of germs that can be picked up from one handshake alone! There is bacteria on every surface we touch – yes EVERY SURFACE! We don’t want to be touching our mouths after coming in contact with all those germs so it’s important to use hand sanitisers before eating anything or drinking anything while also washing hands after using the restroom or handling garbage. It’s important to keep our germ exposure at bay by washing our hands frequently when we are out and about. However, hand sanitisers are also an excellent way to protect ourselves against bacteria, viruses, fungi and more while on the go. Here are reasons why you should always have some hand sanitisers in your purse or car!

1. Prevent the spread of bacteria that cause food poisoning

food poisoning

Hand sanitisers are a good, low-cost way to prevent the spread of bacteria that cause food poisoning. They also come in handy for cleaning your hands before handling any dishes or foods!

2. Protect yourself from germs

Hand sanitisers can help protect you from germs that could lead to other infections, such as influenza. The alcohol in hand-sanitiser attacks the virus particles on human hands and kills them before they have a chance of infecting others or getting transferred via touching objects like keyboards with unclean fingers!

3. Easy clean up strategy for kids

clean up strategy for kid

Using hand sanitiser to clean your hands after playing outside is a great way for parents and children alike.Offering this quick, easy solution to your little ones will ensure that you never need to worry about germs—it’s always there ready for you to use!

Hand sanitiser comes in many different scents and colors, making it attractive to little ones. The smell will surely entice their curiosity as well as encourage them to use the gel every now then! Just make sure you watch out for any accidents because if they’re not careful enough with applying hand sanitiser onto themselves or others who might be around them at that time the gel can get into their eyes or mouth.

4. Handy and portable

Hand sanitisers are small, portable and easy to find in most stores. You can easily pop them into your bag, they’re great for carrying around in the event you need some quick-fixes wherever life takes us!

Conclusion Paragraph

The summer time is a great time to be outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather. However, it’s important that you take precautions when going out for extended periods of time by using hand sanitiser every hour or two. There are many options available on the market today but make sure you use one with alcohol in it because this kills 99% of germs and bacteria. To ensure your safety while enjoying all that nature has to offer, make sure that you carry in your purse or car a bottle of hand sanitiser.

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