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Queensland Renters and Your Smoke Alarms: Things You Need to Know

by Dr Prem Community Writer

The new Smoke Alarm legislation is a strict set of guidelines that all renters in Queensland must follow. For starters, landlords are responsible for installing the alarms but you also have your own responsibilities as an individual or family renting out property to take into account when making sure everyone has adequate protection against fire danger inside their homes!

It is important that you maintain the safety of yourself and others around you by keeping these life-saving devices in good working order.You have a responsibility as a renter to maintain the property you’re renting. Here’s what you need to know as a renter when it comes to smoke alarms:

1. Check and replace batteries


It is always important to replace the battery in your smoke alarms. This will make sure that you can get an alert if there’s ever a fire or other emergency situation where it would be helpful for us all to leave quickly!

2. Clean your smoke alarms regularly

The importance of maintaining clean smoke alarms is something that every renter should know.

When a fire breaks out, smoke detectors are usually the first thing people think of. These lifesaving devices save lives and property by sounding an alarm when they’re activated with too much dust or other obstructions on them – but you could be putting your family in danger if their alarms go off due to accumulated dirt!

The best way is just like how we maintain our homes- taking care not only at cleaning up after ourselves (and pets) inside, outside as well: keeping things clean so no harmful substances accumulate near any potential safety device such as this one here.”

3. Test your device at least once a year.


You should test your smoke alarms every six months to make sure they’re working properly. To do this, press the “test” button on one of them and if it beeps in response then congratulations! You have an alarm that’s ready for when disaster strikes.

4. Contact your landlord or property manager if the device doesn’t work

The best way to avoid a fire is by ensuring your smoke alarms are in working order. If you notice any problems, contact the landlord or property manager immediately so there aren’t delays during emergencies

Smoke Alarms save lives – don’t delay fixing them!.


We all know how important smoke alarms are when it comes to our safety. But, have you ever been in a situation where you weren’t sure on what action to take? When that happens, don’t worry! Our professionals at Control Fire Protection can help answer your questions and provide the services necessary for your home’s protection.

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