4 DIY Bedroom Staging Tips for When You Are in a Hurry

DIY Bedroom Staging

Bedrooms often are deeply personal, connected to the attitudes and needs of the resident, which is part of why they may be the space that needs the most overt staging compared to just tidying up other parts of a home. When you want to sell a house very promptly, a good method is to make the interior look inviting and to a ‘depersonalize’ it, so that anyone can see themselves in it. Here are some steps to make your bedroom staging work for a variety of potential buyers.

1. Think “Hotel” Not “Lived-In Room”

The level of stuff and clutter in a room varies from resident to resident, but a key thought to keep in mind is the idea that you want the room to feel more like a hotel room than like someone actually lives there. This means that anything on surfaces should find a spot in under-bed storage or in a dresser and the bed should be impeccably made. Tidying up first can also make it easier to keep the room cleaned, with dusting, wiping down furniture with a wet rag, and vacuuming all on the list for how to make the bedroom look its best.

2. Make the Bed a Focal Point With Pillows and Bedspread

Even if the actual person who lives in this room uses a blanket thrown messily over a pillow or two, make up the bed in the way that you see in real estate photos: 5-8 coordinated throw pillows over a thick, coordinated bedspread that drapes well and looks tidy. Borrowing these items if they aren’t your typical way of making the bed is well worth the effort, and they can be returned quickly to your friends or family members after you sell the home.

3. Even For a Kids’ Room, Go Gender Neutral

When staging a child’s room, it’s usually possible to switch out more overt pink and blue themes for greens, yellows, purples, or just a varied print. The less overtly girl-y or boy-ish you can make the room, the more likely a family will see themselves in it. Of course, a pink-painted room with lace curtains may not easily lend itself to going gender neutral, so use your judgment – if you need the room itself to stay a single gender, aim for as neutral and sparse of furnishing as possible, emphasizing how easily a buyer could convert the room.

4. Think Through the Lighting

Not every person cares about the way the lighting looks in their room, so start thinking through how you’ll make this bedroom look great when the light is streaming in through the windows as well as how you’ll accessorize with warm light lamps or adjust dimmers for evening showings. The idea is to avoid having the space seem blindingly bright, fluorescent and impersonal, or dim and dark. A cozy, inviting tone is usually the goal with a bedroom, so talk through whether you should switch out lighting sources or lightbulbs when you’re working with your real estate agent.

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