The cheapest way to find chests for bedrooms

The cheapest way to find chests for bedrooms

Shopping for a new dresser or chest alone is a common predicament. While most of the other pieces of your bedroom set could last for decades, a chest of drawers or nightstands will likely need to be replaced much sooner. Looking for a chest by itself that will match the rest of your existing bedroom furniture and interior design can be difficult at best, and the more specific you are in your search the more expensive the prospect will become.

Common mistakes people make


One of the issues is that people do not know how to properly care for their drawers. Overstuffing, failing to reinforce joints over time and using for extra weight like a stack of jeans or collectibles. Jeans weigh an average of 2 pounds per pair.

If you put just 5 pairs in the drawer, you have overloaded its weight capacity. This isn’t just inconvenient and wears your drawers faster, it also poses a hazard. Having so much weight in the wrong drawer can destabilize the chest and increase the odds of it falling forward.

If this heavy use and abuse sounds like how you wore out your current bedroom chest, you should consider getting a better quality chest with a stronger drawer construction. By doing so, you will actually save money in the long run because you won’t have to replace the chest as frequently.

When you’re on a budget, getting a new chest can seem like an expense that can be put off as long as possible, especially if you have another option for storing your clothing. That’s why we’ve outlined these cheap ways to get new bedroom chests. Start with a popular chest sale here, then look for these other savings opportunities.

Go to your local furniture dealer on sale days

Your local furniture store is almost certainly going to have higher prices than online furniture stores. If you want that extra customer service, a personalized experience, and white glove delivery, paying more might seem worth it.

When you are determined to buy your furniture from a local store, the most cost-effective way to do so is to go during sale days. Most brick and mortar furniture stores follow the typical retail holiday schedule, which goes far beyond Black Friday weekend alone. In addition, your furniture dealer will need to clear out their inventory as much as possible before new collections arrive. This leads to the ever-popular clearance sale.

Shop online instead

online shopping

Don’t need or want that extra personalized service? Ordering online can be a way to save even more. Online furniture stores usually observe the same sale events as local furniture retailers, but they also offer sales year-round.

The most common discounts in these online furniture catalogs are on clearance items. Because these retailers have access to larger inventories that allow them to offer items from previous seasons for much longer, lowering the price with each new collection to hit the market. This is often the cheapest way to get a high-quality chest for your bedroom.

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