6 – Innovative Basement Interior Design Ideas

Innovative Basement Interior Design Ideas

Basement is one place in your home which is shut and left unused most of the time. Why not utilize this bigger space to make something new and exciting. You can design the basement with so many ways as there are ample spaces. Add a room which you think needed in your house and you could not do it because of lack of area. If you are confused as for how to renovate the basement, here are some amazing basement interior design ideas which you can get inspired from. let’s get started.

1.     Home theatre

Home theatre

Home theatre is something everyone needs as it can satisfy the entire family. You can watch a movie, sports or your favorite shows together without any disturbance; the basement is the ideal place to convert it into a nice home theatre. Make use of it properly by making it into a large home theatre. Basement has some of the quality of the home theater in itself with the large place and dark atmosphere. You just need to install some perfect lighting, lighting in the ceiling to have a pleasant movie experience.

Add a nice home theater system and give some nice décor. Keep the color of the room light and warm. Include some comfortable sitting, some large couch or recliners. Do not forget to add carpeting so that the sound doesn’t travel too far and you can experience the best movie experience. It’s an entertainment section for everyone whether its gents to watch your favorite sports on a big screen, for the ladies who can easily watch a movie and for the children who can experience cartoon and movies in their leisure time, an all in one experience for every family member.

2.     Children gaming zone

This is for your little ones, the perfect place to let your kids play, have fun and make noise as much as they want. By providing a separate place to the kids, you can have some quiet time as well. Indoor play-space having facility to play sports like table tennis,chess, badminton court, and so many things can be put up in this room. It’s up to you how you want to decorate the room according to your kid’s likes and interests. Arrange all the toys in one place which is most of the time found here and there in the home. Now assemble it in one place. Also, you can add custom spaces for other things like books, toys, and board games.

However, you should also make sure that you can contact Locksmith San Jose, CA whenever you wish. Just in case your kids accidently lock the basement.

3.     Home gym

Home gym

With a spacious basement, you don’t need to run to the gym. The basement can be transformed into an effective home gym for you. With a small investment, you can convert the space into a nice space for your exercise sessions. Avoid spending too much on the gym membership and start by buying some basic equipments like an exercise ball, yoga mat, or few weights. It itself will provide the room with the vibes of a gym.

After you are set to give your gym a perfect shape, go for other equipment and buy a treadmill, exercise bench, a stationary bike, indoor cycles, rowers and steppers. You can also compliment the gym by adding a large mirror, some shelves, and some cupboard to have your towels and bottles. Make sure to utilize basement’s upper window to have natural light. It’s the place where you need some lights and natural light can help and motivate you a lot in your session. And complete the look by adding a nice music system to help you workout well.

4.     An extra bedroom

Are you running out of space for an extra room or wanted a peaceful place to relax in your leisure time. Basement is the perfect place to make a nice bedroom for you. With all the bigger space in the bedroom, you can include all the stuff which you were unable to include in your older bedroom. This room will give you ample space to experiment as you want. In the room, you can create an adjacent bathroom for your comfort. You can decorate the interiors as you want to, let your creativity flow and give a nice unique touch to your personalized bedroom.

5.     Guest room

Guest room

People often get confused as for where to shift the guest in the small home. Shortage of space makes you worried about the guest and their comfort. But with the basement ideas, you don’t need to worry about adjusting your guest and give them a larger space to feel like home. Basement room can be made really interesting guest room. You can make a spacious room for your guest in the basement. Place a large comfy bed with a storage area where they can have enough space to keep their stuff. In this, you can make an attached bathroom for the guest so that the guest can have their own space.

6.     Office workplace

Basement is the perfect place to have your office room. If your work allows you or if you work from home most of the time, then why not make a positive and spacious office room in the basement. Away from all the chaos, you can work peacefully without getting disturbed as it’s the separation from the rest of the home. Install a nice work desk to install all the office equipment. Make sure to have an efficient internet connection as the basement area sometimes has a network issue which can hold back your work and speed.

Pay attention to the lightings. Lighting which is suitable for the work mode, some warm lights combined with smart functional lighting which can give a nice and cozy feel to your office space. You can also make use of the upper windows of the basement (if you have one) to allow natural lighting whenever you require. Anatural lighting is something which you always need. And lastly,a storage area in which you can hide away the mess which further helps you make your space bigger and clearer.

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