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Dongsung Jung presents ‘Vase Y’ flower vase

Vase Y Dongsung Jung 1

After the Ring iPhone speaker dock, vase_B_case bookcase, lN:cense flower vase and the Tic-Tok seasoning bottle, Dongsung Jung of Icono Design Studio has now designed the “Vase Y”, which presents a new approach by integrating a vase inside a vase. Designed in the shape of alphabet “Y”, the Vase Y has a transparent glass tube at its bottom for water, which you can adjust to your liking. Dongsung Jung, director at the Korean studio, aims to offer small changes in routine with his Vase Y flower vase.

Vase Y Dongsung Jung



Vase Y Dongsung Jung 2


Vase Y Dongsung Jung 3

Thanks, Dongsung Jung

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