Home Furniture Coffee tables that give us the illusion of levitation

Coffee tables that give us the illusion of levitation

There are coffee tables and then, there are amazing coffee tables. While a regular coffee table is simply meant to complement the overall decor of your living room, there are a few that are designed especially to spark conversations. Every now and then, we come across designer coffee tables that are different on one way or the other. Here we have some of the coolest coffee tables that appear to defy gravity with their ingenious design.

  • The UP Coffee Table

The UP coffee table is an ultimate artistic creation that appears to be suspended on 14 small helium balloons. Actually, these balloons underneath the table have been made from metal resin composite and toughened steel rods. The tabletop is made of toughened glass. The UP coffee table, with its ingenious design, appears to give us the illusion of levitation.

  •  Sancal Elipse Coffee Table

Designed by Rafa Garcia, the stylish and functional Sancal Elipse coffee table gives an impression of its upper surface being hovering in the air. Everything about this levitating coffee table seems amazing, except for the two hands coming out of the tabletop. The table is available in black or white lacquer.

  • Levitate Coffee Table

The Levitate Coffee Table by Tim Webber Design has been designed in such a way that the middle drawer unit appears to be floating by itself amidst the outer shells. Laminated European Birch plywood has been used to make the drawer and the external shells have been veneered with Anegre.

  •  Flying Carpet Coffee Table

Here is yet another gravity defying coffee table that brings to mind the magical “1001 Arabian nights”. Offered by Duffy London for £995, the Flying Carpet coffee table creates the levitating illusion with the steel rug that’s mounted on hidden legs supported by a shadow base. The table’s pixel effect is inspired by the ancient Persian rug designs.

  • Corocotta Table

The Corocotta Table, designed by Jason Phillips Design, joins wood end cuts together to create a structural form that appears to defy gravity. The twisted structure gets its support from a steel armature running through the cubes. The inspiration for this piece was Corocotta who was an ancient Cantabrian warrior.

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