Home Furniture The Parisian Roadster on wheels is one ultimate coffee table

The Parisian Roadster on wheels is one ultimate coffee table

If you are on the hunt for an ultimate coffee table that could start conversations, you might want to consider the Parisian Roadster custom coffee table designed by Phillip Lee Stapleton. The museum quality coffee table comes on wheels and cab moved around anywhere easily. The one-of-a-kind piece was designed for someone who understands the real meaning of craftsmanship, quality and design. The Parisian Roadster has been made from old airboat propeller 1929 dodge head lights, 1936 Pontiac hood ornament, 1959 Kaiser horn ring, 1926 dussenburg horn, 1950’s brass boat propeller and 1950 Chris craft throttle knobs.

The stunning coffee table was sold to a museum in Nevada, but Stapleton can make one similar to this one for the interested. It will take 3 months to make it and will cost you a cool $24,000.The husband and wife team of Phil and Suzy Stapleton also create a range of chandelier/light sculptures, and they treat each of their clients as a special project with individual requirements. Hit the jump to see more photos of the Parisian Roadster.

[All images used with permission]

Thanks, Phillip Lee Stapleton

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