Raw & Wild: Facecord chest of drawers by Mark Moskovitz

Facecord by Mark Moskovitz 1

Last time, we saw the Log Pile Coffee Table by designer Alexander Purcell Rodrigues that was inspired by the piles of firewood. This time, we have the Facecord, a unique furniture piece and a work of art by American artist Mark Moskovitz. Resembling a stack of firewood, the Facecord is a chest of drawers that has been designed using the irregularities and chaotic geometry of cordwood. Made with an element of surprise, the Facecord captures people’s attention when they discover the hidden drawers coming out of the pile of logs.

The Facecord hidden log drawer presents neatly the idea of stacking to disguise the storage furniture’s real functionality. The Facecord by Mark Moskovitz is featured in New York’s Museum of Arts & Design exhibition “Against the Grain”.

Facecord by Mark Moskovitz 2

Facecord drawers by Mark Moskovitz

Facecord by Mark Moskovitz 3

Facecord by Mark Moskovitz

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