Home Furniture Lese+Lebe furniture unit does more than your expectations

Lese+Lebe furniture unit does more than your expectations

Nowadays, our space requirements are getting bigger, but contemporary city apartments are getting smaller to add to our woes. Addressing the issue, designer Nils Holger Moormann has come up with a multifunctional furniture unit that stores the entire household clutter and places you comfortably, as if you are relaxing on a beach carpet. Hailed as “Lese+Lebe” (meaning Read+Live in German), the utility furniture integrates a bookshelf that apart from storing a wide range of collection doubles as a backrest for the seating.

Featuring the structure finished in birch plywood, the furniture unit rests elegantly on a trendy carper made of goat hair/wool. Users can unfold a table on either side of the backrest, so they could access the bookshelf from both (right and left) ends with minimum fuss. In addition, the contemporary furniture unit integrates two trendy lamps on both ends to work or enjoy your books in a cozy environment.

Measuring 1535 x 1220 x 745 cm (height, width and depth) in dimensions, the Lese+Lebe also conceals footrests under the seat that the users can pull to place them in a relaxed position, while drawers provides a lot of space to keep your belongings intact.

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