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Globe lamp by William Mehess seems suspended in mid-air

Lately, we were looking at the coffee tables that give us the illusion of levitation and now, we have a lamp that appears to be suspended in mid air. Designed by William Mehess Floating Globe Lamp is an open hardware project that seeks funding at Kickstarter. The frosted globe appears to be floating freely in the mid air, thanks to the two strong magnets, with one inside the globe at the top and the other at the top of the wooden lamp. Available in two variants – Horseshoe style and Street lamp style – the Floating globe lamp is available in Blue, White, Red, Green, Yellow, Black and Brown colors.

The Floating Globe Lamp has a thin string at its bottom, which connects to the lamp. The bulb used for the lamp is a white LED (20,000 hours) that gets its juice from two AA batteries, which you can easily replace by pulling apart the two halves of the globe. The lamp stands in at 11-inches and the acrylic globe has a diameter of 3-inches. You can custom order the globe and stand in the colors of your taste. The Floating Globe Lamp project will be funded on July 14.

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