Home Furniture Easy-to-assemble flatpack furniture units by Bram/Stijn

Easy-to-assemble flatpack furniture units by Bram/Stijn

Flatpack furniture by BramBurger and Stijn van der Vleuten

Designers Bram Burger and Stijn van der Vleuten, who have graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, have introduced a collection of easy-to-assemble furniture units. The series includes stools, benches, tables and cabinets made from a few compartments and straps. Space saving, cost effective and easy to ship, all the units come flat packed and cane be set up in no time. While the Bench is made from no more than five compartments and two straps, the Stool uses no more than four compartments and two straps.

The cabinet uses no more than six compartments and is kept intact with the help of four straps. These ready-to-assemble furniture pieces by Bram/Stijn are perfect for people living in compact urban spaces who move around a lot.

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