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LumaTank: A funky LED edge-lit fish tank by Divine Acrylics

LumaTank by Divine Acrylics

Designed and created by Divine Acrylics, the patent pending LumaTank is a 6×6” LED edge-lit Betta fish tank made from precision laser cut and engraved cast acrylic. Unlike many betta fish tanks that come without lights, the LumaTank is surrounded by light that adds some fun to your boring spaces and makes your fish the focus of everyone’s attention. You can either illuminate the fish tank in a single color or go for the optional RGB controller to change colors and control color patterns and brightness.

Betta is a popular species of freshwater aquarium fish that can be found at most of the pet stores. Betta fish is famous for its amazing colors and relatively easy care. Another highlight of the LumaTank is the optional laser engraving. While LumaTank comes in four standard engraved designs, you can also ask for custom images to suit your liking. If you have kids at home, they are going to love this color changing fish tank.

Divine Acrylics is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to generate funds required to back the LumaTank.

LumaTank by Divine Acrylics 1

LumaTank by Divine Acrylics 3

LumaTank by Divine Acrylics 4

LumaTank by Divine Acrylics 2

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