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5 Window Trends

Windows, underrated and underestimated, and yet without them, what would we do?? We would not have been to enjoy the sunset while looking out of it, with a cup of coffee in the hand, we would not have been able …

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Door Designs

Just like the introduction speaks oodles about what type of book it may prove to be, the scenario is very similar in the case of a house, which is introduced by the door. The door is the portal that opens …

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Painting Ideas

Paintings are an element that is perhaps one of the most transformative in nature. Transformative in that you take a painting and just hang it on an empty wall with nothing alongside to complement the look and voila!! You got …

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5 cool bed designs

It is a much known fact that there are a lot of choices when it comes to finding beds for your bedroom. There are times when you are confused about which bed to choose and which one to refuse. Choosing …

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Is time to update your bathroom?

If you’ve redecorated your bedroom and living room, had a new kitchen installed and perhaps even had a go at the under-used dining room, what’s next? The bathroom of course.

Awning Trends

An awning is any type of shade, if that is what you may call it, for any type of opening in the house, such as a door or a window. It is an accessory to your door or window that …

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Bedroom Colours

A bedroom I the place where you would like to get your well deserved rest at the end of the day. It is the place of peace, it is the place of solace, it is the abode of release. In …

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Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom, the room of sleep, the room of rest, the room of yourself. Bedrooms are the places where one at the end of the day gets to be resplendent in the land of dreams. Human nature propounds that you would …

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