15 Amazing Ideas Where Automobiles Become Home

One of the oldest concepts, the body of the car can be converted into a bed. Just take out the roof and the various parts of the engine and seats, convert the inner body into a bed, the bonnet and trunk into shelves and you are set to go.However, other than this, there are several other ideas that you need to consider to convert your auto into a mobile home or a décor piece for your living room:

Chairs/tables/swings made from old tires

Old tires can come in handy for various things. You can make swings, tables or even chairs with the tires. Add some color to the tires by using paints, blend in some nice fabrics or even a nice piece of glass or just a simple but strong rope and you have a chair, table or swing ready to use.

Number plates ladders/birdhouse/wall clock

If you are making a small ladder, you just need some wood to make the frame and attach the number plates so that it can be used to step on. If you are making a wall clock, all you have to do is create two differently sized needles, get a small motor and assemble them together. For the birdhouse, you can use the number plate as the roof and make the remaining part of the house with simple wood.

Pool table made from an old car

The body of the car can be used as s pool table, you just need to work on the frame, add the fabric inside and make the pockets. Using the sides of the roof, you can create the stand under the pocket so that the balls can stay there when you pot them in.

Sink made from the bonnet of a car

The bonnet of the car can be converted into a nice sink. Just take out the engine and use the body and attach a perfectly sized sink with the necessary plumbing and drains; and, you are set to go.

Using the roof for a coffee/coffee table

You can just place the roof in the center of the room. Put a nice long glass with small suction cups to give it the firmness and you have a center or coffee table ready to use.

Using the car engine as a wine rack and side table

The car engine can easily be converted into a wine rack. If you want to get this concept, you would need to use engines that are similar to the V8 engine for the wine rack. Add a nice glass on the top and you have a wine rack and side table ready.

The back end of a car is converted to a couch

The truck of the car can also be converted into a nice small couch that can be placed outdoors or indoors.

Using ignition coils for a table/lampshade/foot for a bench

The ignition coils can come in handy for various things; it can be used as a table, a lampshade or even as the foot for a bench or couch. It can also be used as a letter holder.

Converting car seats into chairs

The car seats can easily be converted into chairs, you just need to make a perfectly sized outer frame and place the seats inside and you have a new set of chairs.

Convert an old car into your office desk

The old body of the car can be converted into a nice and stylish office desk; take out the roof of the car, cut part of the car and add glass or wood to give a base to store your laptop. You can use the bonnet or truck of the car to store things.

Using the bonnet of the car for an outdoor barbeque stand

The bonnet of the car can also be converted into a an outdoor barbeque pit, you just need to take out the engine and place in the barbeque unit with the necessary connections

Making a drum set from different parts

For people who love to drum, you do not have to invest money on an expensive drum set. Instead just use the various parts of the car and create one for yourself. From the tire rims to the coils to even the plates of the car, all can be combined together to make your drum set.

Car wheel brim for a fire pit/small stool to sit

If you are using it as a fire pit, you just have to add in the wood, take a small V shaped stand with a hook and you have a small bonfire on which you can also boil something. If you are using it as a small stool to sit on, just fill it in with a nice cushion and cover it with a nice upholstery cloth.

A Backyard play zone from a truck

For those who have children or have a lot of guests, the body of the truck can be converted into a small outdoor play zone. Under the hood, you can also add in a barbecue put and surround it with a small garden to create a beautiful, fun filled outdoor play zone and barbeque area.

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