Minimal Ángulo speaker to enjoy quality sound

With modern living spaces shrinking day by day due to the soaring property rates in urban areas, minimal household products have emerged as a new big. City dwellers nowadays are looking for petite products that don’t require much space and easily fit in small apartments with ease. Addressing the limiting space problem in urbanities, Mexican designer Felipe Villanueva has come up with a small speaker that makes most of the vacant vertical space in our living areas.

Dubbed as “Ángulo,” the minimal speaker works wirelessly to adjust to top corners of a room, therefore, virtually occupying no space in your home. Featuring the pyramidal shape, the speaker creates 90 degree angles to slip in every nook and corner of your room with minimum fuss. The pyramidal design of the speaker makes it easy to mount both vertically and horizontally on the wall.

Now, you need not to create extra space for speakers in the room, thanks to the “no design” by the Mexican designer. The Ángulo speaker not just features a chic and elegant design but also offers quality sound to soothe your ears. Therefore, you can enjoy surround sound without being spending on bulky, expensive speaker systems.

[Cheers Felipe]

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