3 Ways To Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Season


One moment you might be lazily relaxing on your couch, watching your favorite movie and binging on cheese popcorn, and the next moment, you see a huge cockroach roaming around your house like it owns the entire space. In the blink of an eye, you are scared out of your wits, and your whole life has turned upside down. It might just be a small pest, but you know in your heart the level of damage it is capable of. This might not have happened to you yet, but if you don’t take enough precautions, then this might soon be your reality. Keep reading on to discover some simple ways to keep your home pest-free this season.

Check your doors


Grab a magnifying glass and examine your door very carefully. You might be shocked to find those little cracks and unsealed spots – just the right-sized entrances for the pests to gatecrash your house. To avoid unintentionally letting these living, breathing nightmares from invading your house, seal your doors.

You can install a durable threshold under your door – preferably one made from aluminum or steel. And if you are tight on your budget, you can even visit a hardware store near you and purchase a door sweep.

Or you can even weather-strip your door – and if that’s a difficult task for you, buy a door seal kit. But keep in mind that none of your efforts will pay off in the long run if you don’t remember to keep your door closed at all times.

Get screens for your doors and windows

Come summer, and suddenly fresh air is in limited supply. So, most of us prefer to leave our doors and windows wide open to allow air to circulate around us. But open doors and windows don’t just bring in fresh air, they also bring pests – who will love to turn into a permanent family member in your house.

To avoid this situation, install screen doors and windows in your house – so that the air can freely enter your house, but the pests will have a hard time passing through the screens. For the best results, opt for a 20-mesh screen or a finer version of the same.

Get a pest control


You might take all the precautionary measures to keep your house pest-free. But pests are sneaky beings. You blink your eye, and a pest might smartly make its way inside your house. You won’t even notice it. Also, there is a good reason that before you took all the measures to keep your house free from pests, some of them already entered your living space. To ensure that there aren’t any preexisting pests roaming around in your home, have regular pest control inspections.

There are numerous companies which provide an impeccable pest control service at affordable costs. But if you stay in St Louis, the best one for your house is the service provided by Blue Chip Pest Control.

There are a number of other ways to keep your home pest-free – such as maintaining your backyard, getting rid of stagnant water spots, checking for cracks on the walls and other places in your house, cleaning the clutter of your house regularly, and many more. Ensure that you close all the entrance points for the pests around your house – and don’t forget the pest control!

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