Breathtaking Wood Additions to Any Home

Wood shingles

There’s a sort of primal beauty surrounding wood that can’t be captured by any other kind of material. Whether it’s a polished mahogany desk or a rustic log cabin, the unrepeatable pattern and appearance of wood is unmatched. The variety of wood’s colors, pliability, and hardness cover almost any use: interior or exterior of houses, furniture, outdoor patio, etc. However, because of wood’s amazing properties, its price can be steep depending on the type, geography, and economic situation. If you can afford it, adding a wood addition into your home can do wonders. Here are three areas that can utilize this material the most.

1. Hardwood Floors

installing planks of hardwood floor

Over the past decade, a new generation of homeowners has been tearing out the musty carpets of the 20th century to reveal the beautiful wood floors that sat imprisoned beneath. Why would a homeowner decide to cover up something so eye-pleasing? We couldn’t tell you. If your new home is lucky enough to have wood floors, bring them to the light as soon as possible. If you are rebuilding a new house or want to add hardwood floors into your existing home, you don’t need every floor to be hardwood to gain a bonus effect; sometimes just a single room of hardwood can make all the difference. Vinyl flooring is also a great, more affordable option for a similar hardwood floor design.

2. Roofing

Do you want to make your home stand out from the unending rows of asphalt-shingled houses? Wood shingles can be the answer. Not too heavy, with a stunning natural look, wood shingles are a great roofing option that can make your home stand out from all the rest. For example, 3JM Exteriors Inc. installs cedar shakes that provide a unique alternative to average housing shingles. Wooden shingles require maintenance to keep looking pristine as can be. Consult with a roofing company about installing wooden shingles in areas with heavy rainfall.

3. Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island

The kitchen is the most visited room in your average home. Whether it’s holidays, game night, or just a Tuesday night dinner, homeowners and guests spend a large amount of time in the kitchen. Having a kitchen island is great, but having a wooden kitchen island can be even better. Marble, granite, and other similar materials can’t match the rustic look of a treated wood surface. A beautiful wood surface lets everyone in the kitchen know “This is where the magic happens.” Here are some kitchen organizing ideas to give you more space while cooking on your island.

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