Level furniture presents a thoughtful combination of form and function

The mere thought of natural calamities is enough to bog people down all over the world, but there are creative minds who take these challenges as a source of inspiration to create motivating designs to soothe our lives. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese earthquake of 2011, the Swedish designer Johan Lindstén has come up with some unique table and lamp designs that seems to invigorate life through his designs.

Dubbed as “Level,” the inspirational tables offer endless possibilities through different combinations to fulfill your day-to-day needs, other than decorating your living room. Lindstén moved across Japan and researched different side tables and lighting fixtures minutely, after the tragic incident of Fukushima, which really encouraged the designer to produce the highly reflective furniture series.

Featuring the glass globe lamp on top, the bedside table also offers a charging slot to juice up your iPhone (or Smartphone) while concealing the cord neatly within.  In addition, you can use the drawer to clear all the mess around the table.

Depicting the adversity through lamps that seem to melt down through the defense of glass cover, the Level furniture presents a unique and thoughtful combination of form and function. The furniture series offers vast arrangements that users can configure to meet their needs, which often keep changing in modern times.

Via: Design-milk


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