Six modern and unique cutting boards for your kitchen


One of the toughest and time consuming parts of cooking is getting the veggies and meat ready and chopping them properly. We all need to use cutting boards for shredding, dicing and deboning. The days of old and boring cutting boards seem to be gone as designers are working hard to present technologically evolved cutting boards for your kitchen. The new age cutting boards employ technology to help you in cutting and chopping. The ease of use offered by these cutting boards let you save your precious time and the cooking preparation is done swiftly. In the following passages the most unique cutting boards of modern time have been discussed.

Top Notch Cutting Board:

You must have faced the problem of overcrowded cutting board. After some chopping and cutting the peels and veggie pieces gather on your cutting board and you have no place for work. Joe Casale has designed a unique cutting board which has several hidden measuring trays around it where you can store the chopped veggies.

Almighty Cutting Board:

The Almighty Cutting Board designed by Jaewan Jeong is truly amazing. It gives you instructions and guidelines for chopping and cleaning. It also shows recipes. It is a cutting board which is also essentially a tablet. It is water resistant. It will also weigh the cut veggies to match the recipe you are following. It is great for the novice cooks.

The Chopp-chopping board:

The Chopp cutting board can solve all your chopping related problems and help you cook up a storm in a jiffy. It is made with high density polyethylene. It has got a hollow base for storing the chopped veggies. You can interchange the tops for cutting different fruits and veggies. It has a cheese grater and egg holder. Using this chopping board is extremely easy.

Pop-Out Cutting Board:

The unique cutting board is also a bowl. It has been designed by Kenneth Johnson. You can chop veggies and then use the pop out bowl to get them into another pot or pan.

Hi-tech chopping board:

The Hi-tech chopping board designed by Angela Higgins has backlight and electro luminescent lights for perfect visibility and illumination.

LCD cutting Board:

The LCD cutting boards are hardy and have a LCD screen where instructions and recipes are displayed.


The new age cutting board concepts can make your cooking experience a happy one. Even people who have very little cooking knowledge can debone and cut meat and veggies using them.

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