4 Helpful tips on keeping your home’s retractable awning in good shape

home’s retractable awning

Finding ways to make the outside of your home more functional and comfortable should be something you are passionate about. However, if you are tired of being restricted on the amount of time you can stay outside due to the unforgiving sun, then a retractable awning may be just what you need. These awnings will allow you to enjoy the outdoors for a longer amount of time and will help to protect the patio furniture you have. The team at Royal Covers should be able to help you get the right retractable awning in place for a reasonable price. Once your awning is in place, you will need to do all you can to keep it functional.

Keeping the pitch adjusted properly

home’s retractable awningIn order for an awning to work correctly, it will need to have the right pitch. If the awning is not slanted properly, it could lead to puddles of water forming on the top of it and subsequently tearing the fabric. Instead of facing these serious repair problems, you will need to learn how to properly adjust your awnings pitch. Usually, there will be a section in the front of the awnings motor where you can put an Allen key. The more you turn this Allen key, the more you will start to see the awning slope. When you feel you have reached the right pitch, you can take the Allen key out. Taking the time to adjust this pitch every couple of months will allow you to keep your awning functional and damage free.

Learning how to troubleshoot awning motor problems

At one time or another, every homeowner who has a retractable awning will face motor issues. If the motor on the awning is not working, you will not be able to let it up and down properly. Generally, these motors will be plugged into an outdoor electrical outlet with a GFCI. If the circuit gets overloaded for any reason, then this type of outlet will cut the supply of power to the motor. In order to restore the power, you will need to push the breaker in the middle of this outlet. If this does not restore the power, then chances are there is a short that needs to be fixed. Rather than trying to handle this complicated repair on your own, you should call in an electrician to help you out.

Properly cleaning the awning is important

home’s retractable awningAnother important thing you need to do when trying to keep your retractable awning in good shape is to clean it properly. The longer you allow sticks and other debris to pile up on your retractable awning, the more damage you will inevitably have to deal with. Removing this debris and cleaning the fabric on your awning with a mixture of soap and water will help you avoid serious issues. The last thing you want is to have your awning getting mildew on it due to a lack of maintenance.

Inspecting your awning’s hardware

You will also need to take some time to inspect and tighten the hardware on your awning on a regular basis. Over time, the bolts and nuts that hold your awning together will begin to loosen and may cause a lot of problems. Finding the right size socket is the best way to tighten this hardware with a minimal amount of effort. If you are unsure about how to get this type of work done, then you will have to consult with professionals for a bit of help. Paying these professionals to perform the maintenance your awning needs is well worth it.

In order to keep your retractable awning in good working order, you will have to invest some time into properly maintaining it.

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