5 Home Office Design Tips for Productivity


We all know that the sleep quality and a healthy breakfast can make an impact on our productivity, but what do we know about a home (office) design that can do wonders in whatever job we do?

There’s a ton of research that supports the argument that well-thought home interiors can be a strong force in making our job easier and faster. But, well-thought home interior design alone doesn’t mean just following the latest trends, it’s much more than that.

Something that suits one individual may not work for the other, but it is proven that some designing elements have a positive impact on productivity.

Thermal Comfort

If you’re constantly too hot or too cold, we all know that it is difficult to be efficient in such conditions. Thermal comfort is the key to creating a comfortable working environment and is achieved by combining optimal levels of temperature, airflow, and air humidity.

The ideal office temperature is 21.6 degrees Celsius (Hok.com), and it has been proven that the efficiency level falls by 1-2% for each degree above or below this temperature.

Make sure there is at least one window that can be opened and regulate the heat by your needs.

Home-Office-Design-TipsA warm inviting office gets the job done better – Image sourced from Canvas Factory

Get Yourself an Ergonomic Chair

They are designed to support the user, keeping them in the proper seating position. This minimizes the stress and tension of the muscles, joints, and limbs. Ergonomic chairs are extremely adjustable and have a high backrest. Most ergonomic chairs have a fully customized seat and armrest, armrests, adjustable lower back part and adjustable head restraints.

An ergonomic chair – sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Noise Control

 home-officeSome people will be quite successful in doing all their tasks in the bustling open plan home, but others will hardly be able to concentrate. It is found that the exposure to noise over a longer period of time can have serious health consequences.

The solution to this problem lies in the ability to choose the environment. We must be able to decide which environment serves us to be most effective.

If you can’t concentrate on whatever you do, don’t wait, separate the home office from the rest of the house and secure peace for yourself and household members.

Access to Nature and Natural Light

If you’ve ever worked in a soulless office without windows, you know how demotivating it can be. The closeness of the natural environment has been proven to be of great importance to human well-being. Even the existence of a single window can have positive effects on factors such as stress.

  • Maximize the use of light transmission using glass partitions wherever possible.
  • Provide yourself with outdoor space that you can use during breaks.
  • Choose a room with natural light.
  • Plant the plants in the office.

Sensitive Variability and Stimulation

Sensory stimulation doesn’t involve the introduction of bright light and noise; as such factors may negatively affect productivity. Stimulation is achieved, as mentioned above, by placing windows that offer beautiful views, a variety of color and texture, space variability, and pleasant smells.

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