6 Creative ways you can display art in your home

Inherited a whole lot of artwork from your great grandfather or grandmother and trying to find out a way to fit them into your home’s décor? Or just have a taste for everything artistic and want to decorate your home to reflect your same? Well, here are some tips that can help you display artwork in the most creative ways in your home. These picture perfect tricks by Dr. Prem will ensure that your home remains the cynosure of all eyes constantly.

View Creation

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Stuck with a windowless room that looks absolutely dark and forlorn? You can add some spice and brightness to the room by creating a view with an artwork. Simply hang a picture of a scenery right in the middle of the wall to create an instant window effect. This can serve as the perfect tone for the remaining decorations on the wall, including some more artwork if needed.

Vertical Arrangement

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One of the easiest ways to add more definition to a space is to stack artwork along the walls in a vertical manner. This can work great in spaces that are tight and small, including the corner walls, the space between the windows and the space next to the door. The vertical arrangement will also give off the illusion of more vertical space by elongating the wall.

Informal Grid

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Of course if you don’t like to play by the rules and prefer your own style, you can opt for a more laidback approach to using art in the rooms. Forget horizontal and vertical stacks. Trust your instinct and start hanging pictures wherever you deem fit.

Choose pictures with similar vibes and arrange them haphazardly around one another on the wall. Let your artistic talent run wild as you cover the walls with these artistic pieces. While you may feel lost at first, you will start noticing a pattern soon enough. Stick to this pattern and you will have your own, unique wall art collection in no time at all.

Unexpected Objects

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Who said artwork had only to do with things like pictures and sculptures? Part of decorating a home with artwork lies in adding even unusual objects to your collections.In this case, you can choose to look beyond what you already have and find out different ways in which you can decorate a space using something quite extraordinary. For instance, a piece of driftwood you collected during a trip can become the center piece in the hallway. The sculptural texture of the wood piece will lend an organic touch to the entire room and will be a hit with visitors for sure.

Big Sizes

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Why settle for the small works of art continuously? Opt to create a statement by a single large art piece to adorn a central room in the house. For instance, you can choose to hang a really large picture in the focal wall of the sitting area in your home. The art piece will be large enough to cover ¾ of the wall and will make a towering statement for sure. It will also create a decluttered look which is often a major concern with smaller art pieces.


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Sometimes all you need to do is ditch the standard conventions and opt for an out of the box style which will work wonders on the walls. One such out of the box idea you can try out is the frameless style wherein you can simply hang the artwork on the walls without any frames. This will give a casual, laiback vibe to the artwork as well as the entire room.

If you are thinking of a way to decorate your home with different art pieces, take a cue from some rather simple tips. These will enable you to arrange the artwork in the best possible manner for an eye popping experience indeed.

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