This mat sucks the dirt out of your shoe soles and never gets dirty



Whenever I walk inside someone’s home, I never forget to wipe my shoes on the doormat, if there is one. When, it’s not there, I find the whole situation kind of awkward, fearing that the dirt on my shoes might get the floor dirty. Well, I suppose Paionia Furyokuki has understood my problem and has created a suction mat that removes the dirt from the shoe soles automatically. The only thing the suction mat wants you to do is to stand on it and the rest is done in no time. Interestingly, you wouldn’t have to clean the mat every time someone steps on it like the regular doormats. Instead, it sucks in the dirt and the mat never gets dirty.

The mat measures 50 cm wide and 1 m long and the video below shows four same-sized mats that have been used side by side. Paionia Furyokuki cites…

The orange part is just a stand that’s used here to hide the suction hose. So basically, the system consists of the mat, the cleaner, the hose, front and back slopes, and a sensor. The sensor detects a person approaching, and turns on the cleaner. This mat doesn’t need installation work; it can be used as soon as it’s put in place.

The set, priced at 500,000 yen ($6,250) comes complete with a mat, risers, hose and cleaner. The suction mat, in three different shapes, could be used inside both the residential and commercial premises. They say that they haven’t done much publicity yet to promote the product and I feel strongly that they should do it without wasting any time.

Via: Diginfo

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