Coolest Nixie Tube clocks for geeky abodes

Sure to catch every geek’s fancy with their nifty design and soothing neon glow, the Nixie tubes have been around for years now and have found use in different applications. For homeowners who want to rouse the old tech nostalgia inside their abodes, the Nixie tube clocks seem to be a great option. The Nixie tube clocks enjoy retro-modern aesthetics and are sure to add zing to any contemporary home décor. If you have always thought of having a nice Nixie tube clock inside your home, here are some of the coolest Nixie tube clocks you might love to consider. Hit the jump to see them all…

1. The Sputnik I Nixie Clock

Done by Andrew Argyle, this Nixie clock has been christened after the first artificial satellite “Sputnik I” and weighs in at less than 2lbs. The amazing Nixie tube clock has its case created from hardwoods and recycled circuit boards. While the scratch-resistant Lexan has been used to make the cover, the legs of the clock are of copper. Running on a 12 VDC adapter, the Sputnik I Nixie Clock displays time in an awesomely geeky way.

2. Puhlmann Nixie Clock

This is one of the coolest Nixie tube clocks I’ve seen in a long time. Created by Dutch designer Frank Clewits for design house Puhlmann, this Steampunk Nixie wall clock features forward-facing Nixie vacuum tubes that show the time in a unique way.

3. Steampunk Nixie Clock

Designed by Mussorgsky, this beautiful Steampunk digital clock was made with large Nixie tubes and draws design inspiration from the hut of the Russian myth’s witch named “Baba Yaga”.  Featuring two alarms, the Steampunk clock shows time and date.

 4. Dieter’s Nixie Tube clock

The brainchild of Dieter Wächter, the Sylvia VFD Clock is based on the VFD-tubes technology. The amazing Nixie clock features tube types 8843 or 8894 made by Sylvania in the early ‘70s. The clock features 12/24h mode, cross fading and power down mode.

 5. IN-8-Blue Dream Nixie Clock

An upshot of collaboration between Dieter Wächter and Claus Urbach, the IN-8-Blue Dream Nixie Clock is a kit that features Russian IN-8 tubes integrating a blue LED that glows the glass covering. This Nixie clock in a black brilliance case has cross fade mode and can use either a GPS or a DCF77 receiver to set the time.

6. Lamina Nixie Clock

Designed by Instructables’ user Zorwick, the Lamina Nixie Clock is one of the best Nixie clocks I’ve ever seen. The whole list of materials used to create this shiny Nixie clock has been listed on the site, so that might urge some DIYers to make one on their own.

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