Batik coffee table signifies the beauty of Malaysian tropical rainforest

Batik coffee table

Inspired by nature and unintentionally shaped like Rafflesia, the world’s largest bloom, the Batik coffee table set by designer Eyeh Hooi enjoys a rounded triangle shape, which indirectly symbolizes three main races in Malaysia – Malay, Chinese and Indian. The organic rattan coffee table set represents the magnificence of Malaysian tropical rainforest and inspires harmony and tranquility. The center of the coffee table has been kept empty, so that you can fill it with plants to bring indoors some greenery or add pebbles to add a new character to the coffee table.

The sustainable Baltik coffee table is made from mengkuang (screwpine leaves or pandanus), aluminum frame, recyclable acrylic panel, olefin fabric and rubber wood. The top of the foot stool features a soft cushion with earth tone and ‘effervescence’ batik pattern to add a tinge of youthfulness, and enthusiasm to the entire set. Designed to represent the country’s rich heritage, the Batik coffee table set is sure to complement both the traditional and modern décor.

Sustainable Batik coffee table

Batik coffee table set

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