Used auto parts transformed into an artistic wine rack

Functional art has been one of the essential features of modern interiors, for it not only lets you organize your place but also doubles as a work of art. Moreover, if the artwork is recycled from auto trash, it gives a whole new meaning to the home decor.  Check out this awesome transformer wine rack robot that is sure to win the hearts of your wine club, other than the art lovers visiting your place.

Made using locally collected automobile parts, the transformer wine rack loads a wide range of artillery (bottles) to knock down even the sturdiest opponent (alcoholic).  Embossed with the “Ford” logo, the wine rack robot stands tall at six feet and weighs about 1,000lbs. Soldering together old transmission parts from automobiles and motorcycles in a creative manner, the artist wine rack can hold 32 bottles (conditional on dimension).

Featuring blue LED lights in the whole body, ranging from legs to shoulders, the robot looks more lively in comparison to other transformer sculptures developed in the past. If you are too concerned about hygiene, the sculpture has been sanitized carefully, by removing the oil and other harmful chemicals, to ensure a germ-free living space. Furthermore, the wine rack is clear coated after painting it in gun metal grey, giving it a glossy look to sparkle your home.

Priced at $7,000, the wine rack may appear a bit pricey for common users, but if you really want to flaunt your expensive liquor collection in a forceful manner, you won’t get a better option than this transformer robot anytime soon.

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