URBAN chair is robust, comfortable and eco friendly too

With the intention to extend its reach in the home and office furniture market and to meet the increasing demand of multiple function furniture, ACTIU creates a versatile concept chair that offers numerous combinations for that utmost comfort everyone is after. Coming well up to meet and provide solutions to a wide range of needs in office and at home, Javier Cuñado imagines URBAN chair concept as light, comfortable, munificent, robust and technologically advanced at the same time.

What makes URBAN chair so sought after is the material that constitutes the coherent whole of the chair. It includes polypropylene, aluminum and steel added with range of upholsteries and elastic fabrics for its frame, leg cantilever, seats, backs and accessories that not only add to the comfort quotient but also offer many specific configurations for different users.

Other features that make URBAN chair even more desirable is it’s been imagined for universal use and is offered with more than twenty different models in one program. Its elastic mesh back offers utmost comfort and makes you a different personality altogether. The most noticeable feature, however, that meet the increasing rage nowadays is its eco friendly credentials. As per the manufacturer, eco design has meticulously been applied and the 85% of chair is constituted of recycled material that makes it ideal choice not only for people who look for comfort and style, but eco minded souls too.


Source:   Actiu 

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