Black Touch Wine serves mood lighting in a glass

During the tenth Int’l LED Expo & OLED Expo 2012 held at Kintex, Korea (June 26-29, 2012), EI Lighting showcased the beautiful Black Touch Wine, an attention-grabbing LED lighting fixture. The Black Touch Wine features a touch type LED stand and changes its eight colors automatically to offer soothing mood lighting. The color mode can be changed easily by a touch. Moreover, you can adjust the illumination intensity for each color mode. The built-in lithium batteries let the Black Touch Wine illuminate your space continuously for 15 hours.

With a life cycle of over 50,000 hours, the Black Touch Wine is not made of glass, thereby reducing the chances of getting it broken by chance. There is no UV-ray emission, which adds to its green credentials. This year’s Int’l LED Expo & OLED Expo saw 250 companies from 13 countries.

Via: Aving/EI Lighting

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