How to Care For Your Table Runners

Table Runner

Science has proven that the ambiance decides a lot for us when it comes to food. The food may be delicious, but you might not entirely enjoy it if the ambiance is not cool. This is why you need to make your dining table look attractive, and the best way to do so is to use a table runner. Table runners can be used for formal as well as an informal get-together. However, their aim is the same, to add a unique feel to the table and set the mood right.

However, once the party is over, table runners may not look the same as before. There might be spills, leftovers or spots that make them look unsightly.

This is why you need maintenance tips. Without any further delay, let’s look at how you can take care of your table runners.

Washing Them

Cotton Table Runners

If your table runner is cotton or cotton polyester made then they are easily machine washable. Prior to laundering, don’t forget to add a pre-wash solution. Also, make sure to wash them separately otherwise they may lose their color or get damaged.

In case you are hand washing, then make sure that any particles of left over detergent are washed off before you keep cotton table runners to dry in the air.

Silk Table Runners

Silk table runners are delicate and need a lot of care when you wash them. Whether you decide to handwash them or wash them in a washing machine, make sure you do it gently and no force is applied. In case of machine washing them, the cycle speed should be kept at the lowest speed.

Silk materials come in different forms. Therefore, it is wise to first wet the table runner to make sure the color doesn’t run. They need to be washed with lukewarm water and not cold water.

If you want to wash multiple silk runners together that are of various colors then you need to wash them separately to avoid color bleeding.

Silk catches stains too quickly and they need to be removed soon. To avoid damaging a silk table runner while washing, use a pillowcase and keep the runner inside when washing it. This will minimize the force and the runner won’t sustain any stretch or damage.

Silk runners shouldn’t be kept out in the open to dry. Use a dryer instead. Also, make sure the heat is kept to a minimum. Moreover, avoid drying them in direct sunlight.

Ironing Them

Table runners sustain creases when washed or used after a few days. Creases on table runners look bad and reduce the overall appeal of your table. This is why ironing them is a must. However, you can’t iron them as you iron your clothes; there are some precautions to be taken. They are:

  • Before you iron your runner, if it’s a steam iron then you need to iron any old cloth first to make sure the iron does not throw any material. At times, some materials may get stuck inside and cause the cloth to get dirty. It is common for steam irons to contain debris.
  • Make sure that you are ironing with an iron board underneath the table runner. Also, ensure that the iron board is well padded and has a smooth surface.
  • Just like washing, silk runners are a bit risky to iron. While ironing them, make sure that only the underside of it is ironed and a piece of cloth is kept between the fabrics so that there isn’t too much ‘heat’ to damage the cloth.


These are some tips that will always keep your table runners or those beautiful French Tablecloths safer, cleaner and brighter at all times.

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