3 ways mattresses have improved over the past ten years


Doctors often encourage us to invest in two crucial things; a fitting pair of shoes and a comfortable mattress. When you’re not utilizing one, you’re using the other. Sleep is extremely important as it keeps you healthy, productive, and mentally alert throughout the day. Lack of it can result to stress and poor performance. This is why eight hours of sleep are recommended per day.

For you to have exquisite sleep, you need a good mattress that will prevent back pain and a myriad of other health issues. Mattresses have evolved in following three ways over the past few years to ensure comfort and quality sleep:

Raw materials


The raw materials used to make mattresses these days are quite sophisticated. This enhances your comfort while sleeping. For instance, mattresses today are made with innersprings to distribute the weight of your body over a broader area. Presently, mattresses are made using different layers of both natural and synthetic materials. The outer cushioning layer is made of different materials such as natural fiber, polyester and polyurethane foam. The insulating layer is made of wire mesh or semi-rigid netting. Wires of varying tenacity are used to make the innerspring and boxspring. The flanges of the mattresses are made of fabric while the top, bottom and side panels are made of fabric cover that’s quilted over foam or fiber material. 


There are varying mattress designs in the market today that try to resolve the dimensional discrepancies that occur between bed manufacturers and companies that make mattresses. Different mattress sizes are made to fit beds of varying sizes. These include twin beds, queen beds, king beds, and double beds. Some mattresses are designed to offer you a cool, moisture-free night as you sleep. Other designs inhibit motion transfer to ensure the couples do not interrupt each other while sleeping.

Nowadays, when you go to purchase a mattress, you can choose the design that you want depending on how you sleep. For instance, people who sleep on the tummies and sides have a unique design that differs from those who sleep on the back. You can also choose from an assortment of mattresses with different firmness. You prefer a firmer mattress, wherein a better choice could be Casper’s original mattress [compared to Leesa].

Pricing and warranty


Although mattresses cost more now than before, most people agree that it’s worth investing in a good mattress. You can afford to get one with exceptional quality. Some mattresses such as Casper, Leesa and Eight are now sold online and shipped to customers in a box. This has made it easier for people to shop for mattresses. They are also offered on warranty and return policies, making it a no-risk experience for mattress shoppers.

Some companies go a step further in offering customers a brief period to test the mattress. If they’re not pleased with the quality, they get to return it after the agreed period for a full refund. This ensures that customers always get the best quality available.

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