Cellular shades work great for your urban home

Many homeowners have started opting for cellular shades for the doors and windows over traditional curtains and blinds. Cellular shades offer myriad benefits over their traditional counterparts. In addition to fitting into any space and home décor with ease, these shades can offer just the right amount of privacy the user desires. But that’s not all. Read on to find out why cellular shades can very well be the best choice for your home.


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Humans have different needs when it comes to privacy. However, nearly every one out there will want to have some sort of protection from peeping toms and nosy neighbors. This is where cellular shades come into the picture. The thing with these shades is that they offer just the right level of privacy the user requires.

This is great when compared to traditional blinds and curtains which are either too translucent and allow others to see inside nicely, or are too heavy they block out not only neighbors but air and light from entering the home as well.

You can opt for different configurations while choosing cellular shades for your home as well. For instance, double layered shades offer extra privacy and can be best for ground floor bedrooms and bathrooms. Cellular shades mounted on the lower part of the windows can also do an effective job in offering privacy while still allowing plenty of natural light to enter the room.

Reduced Noise

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Unlike traditional blinds and curtains which do no absorb noise, cellular shades have excellent noise absorption properties that will suit urban homes and apartments in bustling cities. These shades feature a honeycomb design that blocks out high noise levels in these areas, thus offering you some much needed peace and quiet after a hard day’s work.

Controlled Lighting

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With traditional shades, it is always a standard open and close system where you open the shades to let light in and close them to shut out the light. There is no way to control the amount of light that flows into the room. Not with cellular shades though.

These shades come in a variety of materials that help you control the lighting in each room of the house. Depending on their material, the shades will filter out heat while letting in only the desired amount of heat into the room. This, in turn, will make the room feel airy and not stuffy.

Coordinated Colors

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Another salient feature of cellular shades is that they are available in a range of materials as well as colors. This allows you to choose a different colored shade for each room in the house, offering several hues to choose from as well when it comes to coordinating the shades with the room décor.

Shaded Doors

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Doors and drapes never go well together. In addition to standing out awkwardly, the drape will get in your way every time you move in or out. Cellular shades can come to your rescue here and provide the necessary shade to the door without getting in your way. These shades will also prevent heat loss from indoors during the winters, thus improving your home’s energy efficiency while reducing the utility bills for the same.

Horizontal/Vertical Orientation

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Cellular shades can be horizontal or vertical. They can also be both at the same time. If you are looking for a rather quirky way to decorate the windows, consider fitting horizontally and vertically pleated cellular shades for different windows in the same room. You can also use both these models in the same window for a more creative look.

Cellular shades are becoming very popular in a lot of households today. The myriad benefits offered by these shades over their traditional counterparts have made them a hit with homeowners around the world.

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