5 Ideas to employ for de-cluttering your home

Cleaning up the house is always a cumbersome task we tend to keep on postponing until later. While dusting, vacuuming and washing are one end of this troublesome spectrum, clearing out the clutter and getting things arranged are at the other end. If you are having trouble with this particular aspect of cleaning the house, then here are some excellent tech based ideas by Dr. Prem and team to declutter your home in style.

Freedom from Tangled Cords

Soba Cable Bundler

The sheer number of electronic items we use in the house is a clear indication of just how many tangled cords we need to deal with on a daily basis. A big tangle of cords dangling from your work desk will make the entire area look cluttered no matter how clean you keep it. One way to thwart this problem and arrange these cords in a proper manner is to opt for something like the Soba Cable Bundler.

Designed by BlueLounge, the Soba Cable Blunder offers a really clean, cool and streamlined way to manage cord tangles. This is an extremely affordable way to keep those cords in place and your home a whole lot neater in the process as well.

Out of Sight Charger

Cove Home Recharging Unit.

More the number of smartphones, tablets and game controllers, etc. in the home, more the number of sockets that will be busy charging these devices throughout the day. Instead of having to charge these devices at different places, consider charging all of them at one place with the help of the Cove Home Recharging Unit.

The unit features a unit that can charge up to 5 devices at the same time. It comes with a non-scratch surface on which you can keep the devices to be charged. An elegant wood finish upfront also camouflages the entire charging unit, thus keeping the devices and their messy cords more organized.

Junk Mail Purge

Human hand holding futuristic transparent mail icon

It is surprising to note just how much of junk mail ends up in our mailboxes on a daily basis. One of the steps you need to take when de-cluttering your home is to make sure the clutter does not come back again.

One way to ensure that all this junk mail stops coming to your home is to enter your email address (or physical address) in the Paper Karma app or sites like Catalog Choice. Doing so will help you cancel literally dozens of unnecessary subscriptions at the same time. You just need to renew your subscription in these companies on a yearly basis to keep your mailbox from being flooded with useless mails and subscriptions.

Digitized Magazines and User Manuals

lady using tablet

Another frequent item you will find in a cluttered home is a bunch of old magazines and user manuals. If you can’t do without these magazines, set aside a rack or shelf to store them properly.

Another alternative is to go digital and download the magazines from the internet instead of opting for a hard copy. In addition to saving you lots of space in the house, this will allow you to enjoy the same magazine on your laptop without much hassle.

The same goes for user manuals as well. More often than not, we will require a user manual to operate certain items around the house. If you are done storing and rearranging these manuals, consider opting digitized user manuals which you can download onto your PC, laptop, tab or smartphone.

Another advantage of this method is that you can skip carrying the heavy manuals around the house and get to the page you want easily. Sites like manualsonline.com also have a huge repository of user manuals for literally every product out there, thus making it very easy for you to locate a user manual for any product.

Cloud Stored Photos

cloud computing

We all love taking photos. However, times have changed and no one is interested in hard copies anymore. Furthermore, the space consumed by photo albums will only increase with more photos. One way to avoid this scenario but still take photos is to store the latter in the cloud. In addition to saving you plenty of cabinet space, this allows you to take as many pictures as you want and store them in a file on the cloud. You can easily retrieve these pictures and print the ones you want to frame.

Decluttering the home is a Herculean task indeed. Thanks to technological advancements though, a number of ways have arisen to help us declutter our home effectively and keep it that way for longer periods. These tech based decluttering methods will ensure a clean home for many years to come.

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