Choosing the perfect outdoor furniture for your space

perfect outdoor furniture for your space

Although you might think that finding furniture for your outdoor space is going to be an easy task – particularly when compared to an indoor space – you’ll likely find out very quickly that this is far from the case. The styles available for an outdoor space are quite considerable in scope, and there are endless varieties of styles, shapes and colours available for consumers to choose from. All of this variety can make a furniture shopper quite overwhelmed, but this doesn’t need to be the case. In this article, we provide some great tips to help you find the perfect pieces of outdoor furniture for your space to truly reflect your personality and taste.

 Where to get started in finding the right lounge for you

outdoor furnitureBefore going out and finding the first cheap outdoor lounge you spot, committing a little bit of time to research can help you find something that you’ll enjoy for years to come. The first thing to consider is the space itself – whether you have a large space to play with, or need to make the most out of a much smaller area. To get an idea of this, you should take a walk around your space and try to work out where furniture would serve you best – just because you have space, doesn’t mean you need to fill it, as this will just make your outdoors area much more crowded than it needs to be.

Factor in things like your garden, any plant pots, pools, decking, fences and your garage or shed to give you an idea of the kind of space you have to play with. If you want a variety of pieces (such as chairs for a party) but don’t necessarily have the space, you might want to consider folding furniture as this can easily be stored in your shed. 

Demonstrating your style

outdoor furnitureAfter you work out the size of your pieces and what exactly you need to be getting, you can then work out what pieces complement your personal taste. A good place to start is colour – the colour of your outdoor pieces should both conform to your preferred kinds of colour palette while also looking good in the space itself. To introduce the best colour palette for the space, make sure you take careful note of what already is in the space – the colour of plant pots, the colour of the paint on outside walls and the types of pavers you have all should influence the colours of the outdoor furniture pieces you’re interested in.

Similarly, the materials will also contribute to the overall aesthetic look of your space – think not only the kinds of woods that you want to use, but also the finishes of the wood. Comfort should also obviously factor in here, as although you might find a plastic piece that complements the look of your space, sitting on it for extended periods of time might be a total pain. 

Environment considerations

outdoor furnitureAt the end of the day, the kind of environment you live in might contribute the most in how you choose your furniture. If you live in an area with significant wind or rain, you’ll need sturdy umbrellas, which are obviously less of a consideration in areas that are sunny year-round! Considering all of the above factors might take time, but it’ll help you get the most out of your outdoor furniture.

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