Cindy ashtray helps smokers do their bit for the environment

Every cigarette packet has the warning “Smoking is injurious to health” imprinted, but the hard fact is that it doesn’t encourage too many to eschew the bad habit. However, what’s bad for humans can be good for plants. One the same note, the design team at Mademoiselle Jean-Claude has designed the Cindy, which uses cigarette ash as fertilizer. The Cindy ‘vegetable’ ashtray is designed like a potted plant that gets nutrition from the cigarette ash. Smokers can feed the pants with ashes, which will help them grow healthy.

While ash goes down along the pipe to feed the plant, the cigarette butts stay inside the drawer on the top and can be easily removed. Perfect for both homes and public places, the Cindy ashtray could make smokers feel a little less guilty.

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