Condo Vs. Apartment: Which Is Best For You?

Condo Vs. Apartment

Not only Condos but also apartments are similarly popular in the city area. There are plenty of reasons for their popularity among renters and buyers. But we often misunderstand the difference between Condo Vs. Apartment. However, apartments and condos are the same types of living space. But when you want to buy a nice and suitable place then you have to be concerned about making decisions. We know that liv at mb showflat has a detailed guide to choosing the best condos deals. Moreover, we will go through this article to explore which one is best for you between condos and apartments.

What is an Apartment?


An apartment is one kind of living place that is also only a part of a Building. In other words, apartments are dedicated to rented-only flats. It is a part of a building that has several apartments. So, you can only rent an apartment but can’t buy any. In addition, there is only one owner that manages all the maintenance and security. Your living will be limited and you will have some common places like a gym, pool, and parking.

What is Condo?

Condo word is the short form of condominium. It is an individual and dedicated living place in a community building. The concept of a condo is similar to an apartment. But both are different in many cases. However, a condo is a standard and popular residential solution in business areas in the city. We know that a rented living place has plenty of limitations. In that case, you would be the owner of the condo rather than renting it.

Facts that explain which one is better between a condo vs apartment


Condo and apartment – which one is better for you depends on some important facts. Let’s explore those facets deeply so that we can understand the scenario. And after that, making decisions about living places will be easy and clear.

Space and Layout:

Space and layout are important facts about living places. In that case, different people have different tests and needs. So, you have to remember the space and layout difference between condo and apartment. However, apartments have more space than a condo. Basically, condos are made for living in small places. You will get a 1- or 2-bedroom layout in a condo.

On the other hand, apartments have enough space to live freely. So, if you can adjust to a small place then a condo is better for you. Otherwise, an apartment is the best option for wide-space living.


Basically, condos are situated in important areas like commercial places. People who work in those areas can easily buy a condo. Living in condo units is more suitable for workers. Because condo apartments are ideal places of living for working people. And also, condo buildings are easily available in commercial areas. So if you live in those areas then a condo will be your perfect choice. In case you want to live in Detroit, then you may check rental market trends in Detroit, Michigan to learn where you can find affordable apartment units in the city.

On the other hand, apartments are situated in residential areas. So, if you want to live in a residential area then you don’t have much choice except to choose an apartment.

Living Cost:

Living cost is not a simple thing. We invest all of our time to earn living costs. As we know condos are better for some reasons but in the question of living costs, you have to think again and again. However, when you buy a condo then you will become the owner of the condo unit. So, you will have to pay the purchase bill as well as security and maintenance bills.

On the other hand, when you rent an apartment, you will only have to pay the rent and utility bills. Overall, the apartment is more budget-friendly than condos. Though you may pay the security deposit for renting an apartment.


In the question of maintenance and improvement, apartments are the best option. Because you only rent the apartment. So, you are not the owner. That is why the maintenance and improvement tasks are the responsibility of the landlord.

On the other hand, condos are not rented material. When you buy a condo then you become the owner. So, maintenance and improvements are only your responsibility. If anything happens to your unit, you have to solve the problem by yourself. This scenario is different in the apartment.

Security benefits:

Security is a fact that is essential for apartment and condo units. But which one has more security benefits? The answer is vested in the ownership status. As we know that you can be the owner of a condo but you can’t buy an apartment.

So, the security of the place you own must be better. But the worst-case scenario is apartments have a variety of security benefits like guards, CCTV cameras with strict security precautions. On the other hand, most of the time there will be no security guard in the condo building.

Final Thoughts on Condo Vs. Apartment

Condo or apartment which one is better for you depends on those above-explained facts. Those facts explain every possible situation for selecting your residence. However, condos and apartments stand on the same page with plenty of similar benefits. Now it is up to you which one you will choose for your living.

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