Contemporary RIFF Kitchen by Tanya Magodza

Designed by Ukraine-based furniture and interior designer Tanya Magodza, the RIFF Kitchen has been inspired by the coral reefs and modern needs of new technology and home automation. The Riff Kitchen comprises an island and a block for kitchen appliances and food containers. The kitchen island features cooking surface and two extra sliding surfaces. The moving surfaces can rotate 360-degrees around its axis and they cover the surface for cooking.

Made of made of acrylic or polyester solid surface stone, the Block integrated into the wall is designed to house appliances, including built-in refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, microwave oven, a sliding touchpad and storage dishes in glazed containers. The material has been reinforced with metal frame for strength. The central island-iron pipe provides the stability of the kitchen island.

Thanks, Tanya Magodza

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