Plugbook extension cord with UBS charger for smart homes

Extension cords with muddled wires usually create mess in homes as well as workplaces, spoiling the décor of your space. Offering a solution, designer Dave Hakkens has comes up with a tidy household product that looks to clear all the messy wires from your place. Dubbed the “Plugbook,” the extension cord comes integrated with a UBS charger to juice up your laptop and other portable gadgets in a clean and more elegant manner than ever before.

Resembling a book, the trendy extinction box slips neatly into the bookshelf, lying smartly in the middle of your living area, which when required can be pulled out with minimum fuss. All you need to do is take it out from the bookshelf and pull the cord that you can extend to about 3 meter (10 feet) to connect your home appliances. The Plugbook also integrates an extra power socket and 2 USB ports to rejuvenate your Smartphone, iGadgets, camera and other gadgets.

The extinction box comes with a built-in cord manager that when not in use rewinds the cord with a simple push of a button, like a vacuum cleaner, to conceal itself between other books. Designed to meet all safety parameters, the Plugbook is ideal for all your little jobs and just requires a power socket. Developed in collaboration with Designcord, a Dutch company known for safe and sleek plugs, sockets and cable managers, the stylish extension box is made in ABS thermoplastic to fulfill safety measures.

The Plugbook is designed separately for the US and EU users with two 2AMP USB in common. While the USA plugbook measuring 9.6 x 6 x 2.1 inch in dimensions offers over current protection, on/off switch, two type B sockets and Nema 5-15 plug, on the other hand, the EU Plugbook features two type F/schuko sockets, CEE7/7 plug and measures 243 x 153 x 55 mm in dimensions.  Priced at around $25, the Plugbook is indeed a chic and useful household product for smart homes.


Via: Trendhunter/ Core77



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